You have been invited to Stream because you are a leader, or game-changer in your field…. And we want to hear your thoughts, not ours.  Crowd-sourcing determines the content of the event, which begins with an empty whiteboard to be filled by you, the participants, with ideas for Discussions. Everyone, including you, is expected to participate and contribute.

So, what is a Discussion?

A Discussion is a 1-hour long discussion group on a topic proposed by a participant of Stream. Typically, each group will have between 20-30 people, and will be hosted in one of our class-room spaces around the hotel, ranging from tents in the gardens, to indoor spaces with basic AV.

Suggesting a discussion topic doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Instead, good discussions favour a punchy question, debate and willingness to hear many points of view. Previous topics include: “Artificial Intelligence: will it overwhelm us?”; “The future of news for millennials”; “Crowdfunding: how the little guy wins”; “Are we becoming illiterate?”; “What I discovered living inside Instagram”; “Seven reasons mobile is king in Africa”; “Are wearables a scam?”; and “Can there be a future without ads?”

OK got it. So how do I add my idea for a Discussion to the agenda?

You can create a New Discussion by clicking on the orange ‘Submit Your Idea’ button below. You’re aiming for a short, sharp, teaser as a title, and then 3-4 lines to explain what you’ll cover in the Discussion. You can see examples below, or here.

If it’s your first time at Stream, and you’re hesitating, don’t. 80% of everyone at Stream has never been to an “unconference” before, so you’re in good company. The event is designed to get you out of your comfort zone. If you’d like test out an idea before posting it, let us know.

How do I schedule a time for my Discussion?

When you arrive at the hotel, we’ll register you, and show you to the Big Boards, two massive white-boards, that look a bit like a blank school timetable. You’ll be able to add your idea to a 1-hour slot on the boards at 3.30pm on Wednesday. Later that day, we’ll give you the opportunity to “pitch” your idea to the whole group as part of the Preview Show.

Any questions?

Let us know! We are open to ALL ideas, and can help you plan a Discussion outline, feedback on an idea, or prepare any materials you might want. Just get in touch here.

Anna Hingston

Lloyds Banking Group

GDPR - an opportunity or a disaster for marketing?

As the changes to legislation are introduced next year does anyone fully understand the implications. Do marketers know how it will affect activity and are consumers any the wiser on what the regulation means for them. Will we see the market change and will explicit consent be just a box to tick or a great way to avoid all future contact?

Guy Horowitz

Telekom Capital

"A or I"? Artificial Intelligence - is it more Artificial or more Intelligent?

We can't escape from AI, but can AI fulfill the high expectations? Can computers and machine learning replace creative thinking? Can humans be displaced by artificial intelligence? If so, where does it place the creative human, and 'creative' in general? If not, what is the optimal balance between machines and humans?

Ros King

Lloyds Banking Group

Is personalised marketing dead post GDPR?

How will GDPR affect our ability to communicate with our customers? Do we need to change industry practice in order to ensure that customers still welcome marketing messages?

Simon Campbell

The Sandpit

Corporate venturing...labs, accelerators, incubators, why does none of it work for me?

Corporates have created incubators, accelerators, innovation labs and other variations. Most of the time it does not work. Why? Let's break down the models, look at what corporates want to get out of these, how to set up for success, what success looks like and what works and does not. Would love to get corporate people, innovation people, agency people and startups involved in the conversation.

Rodrigo Dauster


ecommerce =? discounting

What are the key customer experience elements to for ecommerce retailers to retain customers without (deep) discounting?

Steven Appleyard

Boiler Room TV

Why are youth brands scared of sponsorship?

One of the headline industry trends of the past couple years is the rise of branded content. But is branded content really the best way to engage young audiences? We want to initiate a discussion around the pros & cons of branded content, and at the same time understand why sponsorship has become a dirty word. Qs to consider -- What is the mark of successful branded content // What is the truest measure of it’s value // Does it deliver or dilute the message // Does it reach the right audience, in the right way // Can it ever be truly ‘authentic'

Muffy Barkocy


proxmity != connection - do "collaborative workspaces" really facilitate collaboration?

Collaboration, particularly the valuable serendipitous kind, does happen when people are in the same space, but they can't be forced into it. In fact, shoving people closer together all day every day causes them to build up barriers against those around them, to protect their time and attention. It is much more effective to bring people together in comfortable spaces, away from the space where they are supposed to be "getting work done".

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