Stream is put together by an extraordinary team of friends and volunteers who help make Stream feel a lot less like a conference, and a lot more like a family.

We always need more help, and in our experience; being part of the team makes the Stream experience even better. It gives you an excuse to meet all sorts of people you’d never otherwise meet, and spend time together without a single business card being exchanged.

You don’t need any specific skills to be on our team, just a willingness to roll-up your sleeves and muck in. Here are some of the areas we need help with this year:

Registration team: The fastest way to meet everyone coming to Stream. Come and help out for 1-2h on our registration desk, give out name badges, say welcome, and meet everyone. Sign up here.

The Discussions team: With 300 guests, we see over 100 discussion topics for each Stream event. Help encourage people to sign up, help craft provocative topics, and then some moral support on site. It’s your ticket to see the topics and get to know everyone before you even arrive. Sign up here.

The Pitch: The Stream Pitch is our Dragon’s Den for good, where teams have 3 days to solve a real-world charity brief. We need 5 team leaders. Sign up here.  

Tech lab: A space for demos, games, hardware and gadgets. If you love tech and hate being on stage, join our tech lab team, where we pull together new technology to demo. The only requirement to join is an interest in tech, and 1-2 new ideas. Join our tech lab team here.

Show Directors: Do you have brilliant project management skills, and love a pet project? We need 2-3 people to help pull together our mainstage shows – including the Preview Show, The Extravaganza and our Luminary Talks. It’s a great way to meet some brilliant new people, and to get involved without going on stage (unless you want to). Sign up here.

Stream Cinema: Do you make films or have a passion for Netflix? No skills required other than a love of great cinema, and some good recommendations for late-night movies for Stream. To be in charge of our screening programme for 2019, sign up here.

Photography: Can you take a half decent photograph? Do you love taking portraits? If so we’d love to borrow your skills and showcase your work. All we’d ask is you take 20-30 photos each day at Stream, and give us permission to share them. Sign up here.

Sports team: Can you teach yoga? Lead a run? Play ping-pong? Or another sport of your choice? We need 10 people to help run sports at Stream. Sign up here.

Midnight Cooking Madness: The most popular activity at Stream by far. We need two confident chefs to head up the competition, rally up the competitors and judge the winner onsite. Sign up here fast.

The Stream Band and DJs: Rock-star fame and glory await. Get in touch with the musically talent souls at Stream, rally a band and knock up a 4-song performance. Sign up to lead the band here.

Workshops at Stream: Can you knit, paint, dance, or code? Come teach everyone a new skill at Stream. Sign up your skills here.

Stream Team – thank you

Stream Team – Ella Kieran, Lizzy Dale, Kemi Green
Tech Lab - Alex Hawksworth & Samantha Payne
Stream Social Media – Hannah Vasdekys
Heath & Wellness - Jax Newton Taylor
Stream Wifi – Gary Shainberg
Art at Stream – Bernadine Brocker Wieder
Ignite Talks – Candace Kuss
Filming – Emily Forbes
Midnight Cooking Madness: Jax Newton Taylor