Stream is a three day residential event. Like university, there are a mixture of working sessions, known as Discussions, as well as sports, evening shows, technology demonstrations, film screenings, workshops and more.

Each activity is lead by a volunteer director, and will only take place if enough people are interested. You can register your interest by updating your profile, or by adding your contribution to one of the following activities pages:

Ignite Talks

Always be suspicious of people with long attention spans 15 slides. 15 seconds per slide, on a topic of your choice.

The Pitch

Stream for good. Join a team and pitch your solution to a social problem.

Stream Cinema

Nominate a film. Host a screening. Or share your favourite YouTube video.

The Extravaganza

Sing, dance or perform your way into the Stream Hall of Fame. All entries considered.

PPTX Karaoke

Test how good you really are! Present a PPTX deck. On stage. With slides you’ve never seen before.

Midnight Cooking Madness

Send us your favourite recipe. And then come cook with us at midnight.

Health & Wellness

Calling all corporate athletes. Join or lead a sport of your choice.

The Tech Lab

Show and tell for VR, Robotics, AI, games, homemade tech and more.

The Stream Band

Calling all rockstars. Join the infamous Stream band and rock on.


Discussions and Workshops are 50-min sessions suggested and run by you, the participants.

Have another idea? We’re game. Let us know here.