Wed 29 May
5pm Opening cocktail by Teads
6pm Opening session
6.30pm Ignite talks
7.30pm Dinner
9.45pm Night show

Thur 30 May 
8am Morning Yoga with Kantar
8am Running with UOL
8am Breakfast
9.30am Discussions
10.30am Discussions
11.30am The Power of Communities by Facebook
12.30pm Lunch
2pm Discussions 
3pm Discussions 
4pm Discussions
5pm Coffee break
5.30pm TV is Game by Globo
6.30pm TV is Content by Globo
7.30pm WPP Women Leadership
8pm Dinner
10 Canta Comigo by Record

Fri 31 May
7am Morning Yoga with Kantar
7am Running with UOL
7.30am Breakfast
9.30am Discussions 
10.30am Discussions 
11.30am Discussions
12.30pm Lunch 
2.30pm WPP Talk - Unpannel with Mark Read, Sergio Valente, Fabio Corlho e Conrado Leister
3.30pm CEOs & Creators: What's behind the Youtube business? by Google
4.30pm Coffee break
5.30pm Stream closing 
6.30pm Estravaganza
8pm Dinner
10pm Closing Party by UOL

Saturday 1 June

7am Breakfast and checkout