You have been invited to Stream because you are a leader, or game-changer in your field…. And we want to hear your thoughts (not ours).  Crowd-sourcing determines the content of the event, which begins with an empty whiteboard to be filled by you, the attendees, with ideas for Discussions. Everyone, including you, is expected to participate and contribute.

So, what is a Discussion?

A Discussion is a 1-hour long discussion group on a topic proposed by a participant of Stream. Typically, each group will have between 20-30 people, and will be hosted in one of our class-room spaces around the hotel, ranging from tents in the gardens, to indoor spaces with basic AV.

Suggesting a discussion topic doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Instead, good discussions favour a punchy question, debate and willingness to hear many points of view. Previous topics include: “Artificial Intelligence: will it overwhelm us?”; “The future of news for millennials”; “Crowdfunding: how the little guy wins”; “Are we becoming illiterate?”; “What I discovered living inside Instagram”; “Seven reasons mobile is king in Africa”; “Are wearables a scam?”; and “Can there be a future without ads?”

OK got it. So how do I add my idea for a Discussion to the agenda?

You can create a New Discussion by clicking on the orange ‘Submit Your Idea’ button below. You’re aiming for a short, sharp, teaser as a title, and then 3-4 lines to explain what you’ll cover in the Discussion. You can see examples below, or here.

If it’s your first time at Stream, and you’re hesitating, don’t. 80% of everyone at Stream has never been to an “unconference” before, so you’re in good company. The event is designed to get you out of your comfort zone. If you’d like test out an idea before posting it, let us know.

How do I schedule a time for my Discussion?

When you arrive at the hotel, we’ll register you, and show you to the Big Boards, two massive white-boards, that look a bit like a blank school timetable. You’ll be able to add your idea to a 1-hour slot on the boards at 3.30pm on Wednesday. Later that day, we’ll give you the opportunity to “pitch” your idea to the whole group as part of the Preview Show.

Any questions?

Let us know! We are open to ALL ideas, and can help you plan a Discussion outline, feedback on an idea, or prepare any materials you might want. Just get in touch here.

Beatriz Acevedo



Description: Election night was stunning to everybody, Democrats and Republicans alike. Democrats had a deep, painful realization that their failure to motivate young Americans, particularly young Latinos, resulted in a catastrophic collapse on the world’s biggest stage. In just 36 months, over half of Americans under 30 will be from non-white backgrounds. Diversity is the new mainstream and with it a new set of consumer behaviors and cultural connections are emerging. We want to spark a discussion on what we all learned about this new face of America. Suggested discussion points to get the conversation going: - SKETCHY DATA How could polls be so off? Assuming ALL Latinos are the same / Miscalculating the message & what really impacts Latino and multicultural youth in America -CALLING YOUR "FRIENDS" ONLY WHEN YOU NEED THEM Taking to multicultural youth ONLY when you have something to sell lowers authenticity. Only calling them on Cinco de Mayo or Hispanic Heritage Month or during an election doesn’t work / Consistent conversation = a real relationship -CULTURAL COMPETENCY The peril of not knowing your audience / Young multicultural audiences have similarities but also tons of differences, painting them with one media brush is dangerous. -STAYING IN THE COMFORT ZONE/ UNDERINVESTMENT COMMUNICATES LACK OF CONCERN Going for “what we did last time” keeps us behind the curve / Over-investment on TV to target young voters is flawed - THE MINORITY MAJORITY What needs to change for 2020, when multi-cultural youth becomes the majority and not the minority?

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