You have been invited to Stream because you are a leader, or game-changer in your field…. And we want to hear your thoughts, not ours.  Crowd-sourcing determines the content of the event, which begins with an empty whiteboard to be filled by you, the attendees, with ideas for Discussions. Everyone, including you, is expected to participate and contribute.
So, what is a Discussion?
A Discussion is a 1-hour long discussion group on a topic proposed by a participant of Stream. Typically, each group will have between 20-30 people, and will be hosted in one of our class-room spaces around the hotel, ranging from tents in the gardens, to indoor spaces with basic AV.
Suggesting a discussion topic doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Instead, good discussions favor a punchy question, debate and willingness to hear many points of view. Previous topics include: “How far can HealthTech really go?”; “We need permanent rebellion”; “Complacency: the cancer of humanity”; “We don't know how the sharing economy will affect your business, but we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night”; “PUTTING THE SOCIAL INTO SELLING”; “David and Goliath, who'll win?” and “My Gen Z kid doesn't believe in brands or shopping together anymore”.
OK got it. So how do I add my idea for a Discussion to the agenda?

You can create a New Discussion by clicking on the orange ‘Submit Your Idea’ button below. You’re aiming for a short, sharp, teaser as a title, and then 3-4 lines to explain what you’ll cover in the Discussion. You can see examples below, or here.
If it’s your first time at Stream, and you’re hesitating, don’t. 80% of everyone at Stream has never been to an “unconference” before, so you’re in good company. The event is designed to get you out of your comfort zone. If you’d like test out an idea before posting it, let us know.
How do I schedule a time for my Discussion?

When you arrive at the hotel, we’ll register you, and show you to the Big Boards, two massive white-boards, that look a bit like a blank school timetable. You’ll be able to add your idea to a 1-hour slot on the boards at 3.30pm on Wednesday. Later that day, we’ll give you the opportunity to “pitch” your idea to the whole group as part of the Preview Show.
Any questions?

Let us know! We are open to ALL ideas, and can help you plan a Discussion outline, feedback on an idea, or prepare any materials you might want. Just get in touch here.

Nonny de la Peña

Emblematic Group

Combating "fake" news: The role and responsibilities of ad agencies, tech companies and politicians in restoring trust in civic institutions

What is the role and responsibility of advertising agencies, tech companies and politicians in restoring trust in civic institutions? What part should they play in combating “fake” news? How can partnerships around new technologies, including virtual reality and augmented reality, play a positive role in disseminating information in order to keep an informed citizenry, a central tenet of a strong democracy? As a member of the Knight Foundation and Aspen Institute commission on Trust and Democracy, the CEO of Emblematic Group, Nonny de la Peña, will lead a session exploring these themes with the intent of taking some solutions back to the next commission meeting in January of 2018.

Jan Harley

Unilever Ventures

Will Amazon really eat everything? What will be left?

How can and should business compete with Amazon? Is it worth a business innovating into an area that is likely to compete with them? How scared should one be? Should one try to play nice with Amazon instead, and will they eat all the value when you do?

James Finn


What do you do when your business is no longer sexy?

What can we learn from other industries that have weathered the storm? How do you change the narrative, as well as the product/service? Let's solve it.

Julia Howe

20th Century Fox

Do Teens Give A Shit?

Can we adapt to their short attention span? What resonates with them from Entertainment to brands and causes. Come find out..

Esther Dyson


State of the workforce

Are we facing global sickening as well as global warming? What should we do about it, as advertisers and as employers? This is a discussion, not a presentation. All points of view - especially constructive ones - welcome!

Rob Rakowitz


How partisan media and social media conspired to kill the political center

Let's face it, the world has never been as polarized and destabilized as it is today. We never thought that we'd look back to the Cold War as an era of stability. So what killed the political center and truth? Let's delve into the societal and economic factors that have driven extremism: 1) The death of leadership and the rise of entertaining politicians, 2) The decline of journalism and the worship of ratings/traffic, and 3) The brain drain from public service to the boon of private sector innovation

Rob Rakowitz


Media Transformation 2020: What will trip you up & what to do about it

Media is the marketers obsession now, and for the most part its an underutilized muscle. So lots of organizations are training it up and injecting new strength. But you need vision and brains to complement the brawn. You can't connect the words disruption, innovation and transformation in a sentence and click your heels and hope for the best. It's just not that simple. What are the 5 pitfalls that marketers and media professionals need to be wary of? What is going to sabotage your transformation in media? What can you do about it? Let's get frank, let's get real, let's get working. This isn't posturing on a festival keynote, but it's about taking back the dialogue and being sensible.

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