Stream USA 2017 will begin at 4pm on Wednesday 15 November and will finish after brunch on Saturday 18 November.
Stream is a family-style event known as an “unconference”, which means everyone, including you contributes to the agenda. The majority of each day will be taken up by one-hour sessions, known as Discussions, suggested and lead by you, the participants. Previous topics include:  “WTF Happened to the Latinos in the Election?”; “Can Autism be a competitive advantage?”; “Complacency: the cancer of humanity”; “What are the ethics behind marketing's portrayal of service/product delivery?”; “We don't know how the sharing economy will affect your business, but we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night”; “Why Corporate America could be considered an endangered species (and what you can do to save it)” and “Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks and other things that go bump in the night: Just because we can, should we? Just because we should, how can society cope? Just because we can cope, will it be more fun?” among others.

In the mornings and the evenings, we’ll run a variety of social and sporting activities; ranging from cooking dinner together, PPTX Karaoke for the consummate talkers, VR cinema, filmmaking lessons, computer building sessions, drone flying and hiking the local mountains.  Read more about the activities here, or add your idea for a Discussion topic here.
For help planning your journey, please see the Logistics page. If you have any questions, please get in touch.