The agenda for Stream Europe 2018 is in your hands. There are six session times a day, hosted in nine different meeting spaces. Each session runs for 1 hour (give or take) and all sessions are led by you, the Stream Europe participants. Here's how it works:

  1. Before Stream - Share your idea - Create a New Discussion by clicking on the blue ‘add idea’ button on the left of this page
  2. Before Stream - Invite others to join you - you can see the participants list at the Participants page.
  3. At Stream - Book a slot - when you arrive on site, write your discussion on the Big Boards

The Stream Europe team is on hand to help. Please get in touch if you'd like to talk an idea through before posting, or would like help finding some co-hosts.


James Louderback


What is TV? What is Online Video? What is Professional? What is UGC?

It was easy 10 years ago. TV was professional video delivered via satellite, cable, over the air, and viewed on a relatively big screen. User generated videos typically included cats and could be seen on YouTube. But now it's all different. YouTube commissions and distributes what would be called "TV Shows", but only via its services. Traditional TV networks are launching digital-only streams of their existing and new content. And Netflix, Hulu and other digital-only companies are building subscribers globally through services distributed over the internet, but viewed on every glowing rectangle imaginable - from the biggest flat screen to the smallest smart phone. So what is TV? What is digital video? Does size matter? This conversation explores where we are today - and where we might be going in the future.

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