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Janos Gulyas


GAFA - are they really the mighty brand experience hijackers? If yes, is there anything brands should/could do about it?

More and more elements of our life, experiances we have, including interaction with brands are reaching us through some sort of interface provided by Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. We store tickets in Wallet, our travels are organised in all sorts of Google stuff (gmail, calendar), branded products are delivered by Amazon and we watch those cool branded contents on Facebook. A simple personal example: how much of the cool usefulness of Nike+ builds the Nike brand and how much of the credit goes to Apple when I'm using it on my iPhone (I suspect, subconsciously, quit a bit..)? I'd say if the GAFA are the most valuable brands nowadays, that's not only because they have built great products and brands but also because they are great in hijacking the brand building efforts everyone else does by "monopolising" the channel between people and brands. Is this really the case? If so, shall we just say tough luck, such is life? Or is there anything brands can do better?

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