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Meagan Bell

Movember Foundation

From unique to ubiquitous. What happens when Movember succeeds at the implausible and brings the moustache back into fashion?

Upper lip rugs, face furniture and soup strainers have become the cornerstone of the Movember brand. Since it’s humble beginnings in 2003, the moustache has been the unique conversation starter that’s got men talking and raising money for men’s cancers and mental health. Fast forward to 2018 and rather incredulously, with the growing popularity of facial hair, the Mo has gone from creepy to credible; horrendous to hipster. While the original plan was to make Mo’s fashionable again, the founders never thought that was actually an achievable goal, they just wanted to have fun (and do good) trying. To date, Movember has raised over $850M, in more than 20 countries and invested in 1,200+ men’s health projects. BUT that has all been anchored in a mechanic that was worth talking about. It stood out, it was Movember’s ‘ribbon’ and became synonymous with the brand. Now that facial hair is everywhere, all year round, what’s Movember to do? Hold the line with its single-minded fundraising ‘product’ or diversify into new ways to support?

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