The agenda for Stream Europe 2018 is in your hands. There are six session times a day, hosted in nine different meeting spaces. Each session runs for 1 hour (give or take) and all sessions are led by you, the Stream Europe participants. Here's how it works:

  1. Before Stream - Share your idea - Create a New Discussion by clicking on the blue ‘add idea’ button on the left of this page
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  3. At Stream - Book a slot - when you arrive on site, write your discussion on the Big Boards

The Stream Europe team is on hand to help. Please get in touch if you'd like to talk an idea through before posting, or would like help finding some co-hosts.


Mimi Turner

Mimi Turner Associates

Advocating for men: how do we do it, and why does it matter so much?

Having worked with a number of media brands focused on building an emotional connection with men, I am often struck by how little of what is good and strong and generous about men is part of our shared beliefs. This factual reality feels hard to articulate, perhaps even risky and unpopular. But it is important because judging men only by the negative qualities of a minority gives us a lop-sided view that has negative consequences for all. Certainly some men do very bad things. But they are a tiny minority. Most of the men we know work very hard to be good people, partners, colleagues, parents, husbands and friends. How do we begin to have a more balanced view of men and masculinity within our wider social narrative? How do we talk about the nuance of what is good in a divisive media-led world? And, what is at risk if we don't?

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