Ignite Talks

What's an Ignite talk? Four minutes on stage to talk about an idea, an interest or a passion. Our version is 15 slides that rotate automatically after 15 seconds. It's fun, it's fast, and the format forces you to really think about what you want to say.

Game? Let us know asap. This event fills up every year, so the only way to confirm a slot is to post your idea title and brief summary below.

To do a great Ignite talk, tell us about something you're passionate about, something that others should know, or some unique bit of knowledge or insight that you can impart. (And please don't do a pitch or your company creds)

Annette Muller


12 countries, 12 months, 12 first hand experiences of the Flexible Future [ now? ] of Work.

A glimpse into my top 12 experiences and challenges from "travel-working" while hiking volcanos, glaciers and diving with glow worms, to co-living with 30 strangers for a month, having very important client zoom meetings at various airports, and making friends with 100s of digital nomads + other flexyworking humans at co-working spots all over the world.

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