Midnight Cooking Madness

Time for our budding Jamie Olivers and Nigellas of the high-tech industry to strut their stuff at the grill, the wok or the cocktail shaker.

Sign up to cook at Stream Africa's best late night party and impress everyone with your culinary genius. If you have a great recipe for a midnight snack or want to show off your family's age-old treat, this is the activity for you. How to get involved:

1) Add your recipe

Reserve a cooking space by adding your idea below (name, dish, description and costume please)

2) Send in your ingredients list

Fill in the short Google Form (available soon) with your ingredient list and any equipment requirements.

3) Get ready to feast!

Stavy Nikolaou

Out There Media

Meet me for some meatballs... and Tzatziki (& maybe some chips - I can go on all day - somebody stop me!)

Authentic Greek-Grandma style meatballs, accompanied by the refreshing all-time classic tzatziki to dip them in, and maybe some fries (two fried things maybe too much? Still thinking about it). You can vote if you want fries or not ;-0

Karlien Kriegler


Jameson Tiramisu

It needs no explanation. It will be gooey and boozy and delicious

Julie Maunder


YOU HAD ME AT BACON (On a stick)

We are going to create 3 different bacon skewers recipes. Oh, praise the bacon.

Zia Namooya



Served in a sizzling skillset, tomato based spicy and aromatic sauce served with perfectly cracked eggs steamed over while being a bit runny still. Disclaimer : Not sure how this might turn out given it's at midnight, but Chef Rogers ( that's Cherise btw) and I, will give it a good go!

Dustine Tobler


Easy Peasy Meze - Healthy , tasty dips to wow your friends

Easy Homemade Humus Zesty Guacamole Lower calorie Babaganosh

Kayli Vee Levitan

Freelance Creative & Co-Founder of The Street Store

Spicy Raw Gazpacho

A spicy, lemony, fresh gazpacho with a deliciously crunchy salsa, which takes all of 30 seconds to make, and 2 minutes to garnish.

Nothando Mathe


Simply and Quick Baking

I'm all about quick and easy baking. recently make coconut cookies the easiest to make.

Claudine Adeyemi

Career Ear

Helper available

If anyone needs help preparing their dish - I'm game!

Marion Wanyoike


Samaki wa Kupaka

A traditional swahili recipe, fish in coconut sauce

Innocentia Motau

Potlako Global Logistics

Thai Chicken Casserole

Chicken thighs cooked in a delicious sauce made with fresh cream, coconut milk, lemon grass, garlic & ginger, a zest of fresh lemon juice and fresh coriander. Best served on a bed of caramelized sweet potatoes.


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