Ignite Talks

What's an Ignite talk? Four minutes on stage to talk about an idea, an interest or a passion. Our version is 15 slides that rotate automatically after 15 seconds. It's fun, it's fast, and the format forces you to really think about what you want to say.

Game? Let us know asap. This event fills up every year, so the only way to confirm a slot is to post your idea title and brief summary below.

To do a great Ignite talk, tell us about something you're passionate about, something that others should know, or some unique bit of knowledge or insight that you can impart. (And please don't do a pitch or your company creds)

Sonia Khurana

OgilvyRED Consulting

Under The Covers

Bedtime content viewing rituals

Vishandas Hardasani


Impact of Literary Art (Sherlock Holmes) on Modern Crime Investigation and Innovations

Art has had an impact on Innovations all through history. Holmes has had an impact on Crime Investigation across the world. It is this fictional character which has led to innovations. It should be our goal to encourage our children to observe and learn from art

Vasuta Agarwal


GNH (Gross National Happiness) vs GDP

My 7 month stint in the mountain kingdom of Bhutan with the extremely simple and happy go lucky people! What it takes to be truly 'happy' and imbibe it in the national goals and measures of progress and success for a country...

Deepa Jayaraman

H+K Strategies

Why are some of us FAT

Not fat shamming, but it is still a weaker currency to be fat and plump in today's day and age. Strangely being fat goes back to our mindset, our subconcious, our beliefs and mostly our fears - as compared to the food we eat. I am fat and this theory is not verified. Hear it out and see if this works for you!

Indranil Chakraborty


Smother the anti-stories before they suffocate your change

What Kryptonite is to Superman, anti-stories are to any communication exercise. Especially those dealing with change. That is because stories based on something that actually happened in the past are usually more powerful than stories we want to write about how the future will be. We can never fight an anti-story with a fact. We need to replace it with another story. I will share how.

Ken Tan


Everyone can be an Ironman!

Ironman is an endurance race consisting of long distance swimming, biking and running which many feel its far and beyond one’s reach. In this session, I plan to introduce the sports, challenged the myth and hope to have some IM streamers in 2019!

Unny Radhakrishnan


Time in perspective

Seeing different periods of our human history in 24 hour clock time

Bhaskar Choudhuri


Borges and the story of 2 kings

A sneak preview to Borges, the writer and, an attempted allegory

Li Lei


3 lessons i've learned in the year 2014.

Don't know why just feel like sharing some personal experience and how that lead me into the journey of my 2nd life.

Matt Simms


Our universe's infinite grains of life

Let's explore the vast scale of our universe through sand. And with its vast scale creating infinite possibilities, a head-scratching question hits us: where is all the alien life?


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