Cooking Madness

Time for our budding Jamie Olivers and Nigellas of the high-tech industry to strut their stuff at the grill, the wok or the cocktail shaker.

Sign up to cook at Stream Asia's best late night party and impress everyone with your culinary genius. If you have a great recipe for a midnight snack or want to show off your family's age-old treat, this is the activity for you. How to get involved:

1) Add your recipe

Reserve a cooking space by adding your idea below (name, dish, description and costume please)

2) Send in your ingredients list

Fill in the short Google Form with your ingredient list and any equipment requirements.

3) Get ready to feast!

Neha Tejuja


Mars Bar Slice

Mars bars and some other awesome stuff in a tiny, decadent cube.

Apoorva Bapna


The Stream "Un"cocktail

sweet n spicy...indulgent yet don't want to miss getting baptised...this is the STREAM"UN" Cocktail

Karthik Nagarajan


Kuzhi Paniyaram and Vodka Rasam

Balasubramaniam and a Bolshevik walk into a bar. A quintessentially folk dish, meets a very urban fusion. Served with coconut chutney and gun powder!

Harry Dewhirst


Epic Fish Tacos

Served with Mango salsa, Pink Chipotle Mayo and whatever else muster up!

Sonia Khurana

OgilvyRED Consulting


Molecular gastronomy meets traditional street food giving it a modern, unconventional and yummmmmy twist. Don't miss this finger-licking appetizer-main course-dessert-in-a-golgappa brought to you by Anand Morzaria, VR Rajesh and me.

Michelle Ching


Char Grilled Prawns with Cucumber & Dill Salad

Light and refreshing for a warm day!

pavan kumar

workbench projects pvt ltd

Old-School South-Indian Lollipop

Simple, Ethnic, Flavourful and Interesting South-Indian Home-made lollipop that my parents and grandparents taught me before we were introduced to the candies of the world that came in wrappers. I am also pushing the traditional recipe into unchartered territories perhaps with found ingredients at the venue as well. This lollipop is made from dried tamarind, jaggery, dried red chilli, jeera, fennel, fresh ginger, turmeric, salt all mashed up and made into small sphere on a toothpick or a skewer stick. This can be eaten like a starter or desert. Either ways it’s great for digestion but one per person only as one too many is not advised. I’m sure this will also go well with your beer or a cocktail.

Tushar Vyas


Kaccha Papad Pakka Papad

Papadum with masala twist , coupled with famous hindi tongue twisters ! Dare you to do 20 repeats of - Kaccha Papad , Pakka Papad before you get to taste this dish... Start practising ... Here's some help from the original

Sanjay Tripathy


No-Scam Prawns

Prawns that are honest-to-goodness, real and full of flavours. Sourced ethically, hopefully. No scams anywhere.

Karlye Chan

The Trade Desk

Cereal Chicky Bites paired with Michelada shots

Mixing up a local Singaporean supper fave with a classic Mexican beer drink.


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