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Thanks so much for your interest in Stream Cinema. Over the last few years, this has remained one of the most engaged sessions at Stream. We promise you this year will be just as engaging.     

If you’re new to Stream Cinema:

Traditionally held on two nights – Day 1(28th Feb) & Day 3(1st March), Stream Cinema screens diverse and wonderful pieces of content.  There are no set themes or formats. In the past we’ve seen everything from a Ridley Scott film for Jaguar, followed by an award winning Brazilian animation, to a documentary set in Kanpur.
The only thing that’s common is a great cinema experience – think big screen, laidback, lights off. But with cocktails. And of course, it’s participatory just like all things Stream.

What to expect this year:
This year, we’ve upped the ante even further. In addition to a handpicked selection from one of our reputed participants in the film industry, we’re also making it more fun, more participatory.

1) Content recommended by you:
Do you have a short film, documentary, artist that have made a powerful impression on you? Would you like to showcase and start a conversation around it? Reply to this mail with a link of the work and a short note on why you’d like to showcase it.
No theme, no format, anything goes. Indian, English, International, any genre. And no limits to the number of recommendations you can send. The only limits are (a) max 20 min duration and (b) no brand films. And of course, we’ll choose, depending on the number of recommendations and the best reasons why you’d like the film to be shared.
So think up what moved you the most that you’d like to discuss with everyone. And ship us the links as soon as you can.

2) A film-making competition: (under this the existing content for the contest will come)
A lot to look out for.
Theatre, cocktails, great content, great discussions. And yes, fellow cinema lovers.

Film-making competition

Love films? Ever wanted to make one? This is the place to don the director's hat and take home your first film. Tell a story that you always wanted to say in a time-bound challenge. Script, shoot, edit and submit your film on a given theme, all in a time of 24 hours.
Here's how it happens:
1. Form a team:
Your team can be 2 to 4 people, which you could pre-register or form it on the spot. Your actors need not be part of your team.
2. Theme announcement:

A common theme along with choice of genres will be given out to all participating teams. Teams will receive a time of 24 hours to shoot the film on mobile and submit. Films can be shot and edited on mobile phones itself. The films have to necessarily adhere to the theme.
3. Script, Shoot, Edit, Submit:

The teams have to script adhering to theme and genre, shoot the film, edit it, add music and preferably color correct the films in the stipulated time. Each film should be for at least 60 seconds or a maximum of 120 seconds. Teams which fail to submit within 24 hours will be disqualified.
4. Jury and Winning:
A jury consisting of relevant participants from fields of creative and cinema will judge your submitted films. The five better films will be showcased on Day-3 at Extravaganza and teams will have a minute to share their experience of shooting.

Read more about the India Film Project here.