Alongside discussions we run a series of hands on workshops, from drawing class, to weaving. All workshops are suggested and run by attendees. Sign up below to add an idea for a workshop - either something you would like to TEACH - or something you would like to LEARN. All ideas welcome and basic equipment can be provided.

Apurva Godbole

Drona Aviation

Don’t Buy a Drone - Build Your Own

You’ve seen a drone at WPP Stream before. But have you piloted one? Or better yet, built one yourself? We’ve done away with complexities of the drone to simplify not just flying, but building your own drone. Question remains – how far can that fire up your imagination on the possibilities of drones for you and your industry. Workshop conducted with Eepsita Gupta.

Rapha Vasconcellos


Story School

Come and learn how to build fast and fun content using your phone and your curiosity. We will explore Instagram Stories and other apps that will make you look like a serious video maker, leaving Stream with your own personal video.

Sujit Janardanan (SJ)

Google Cloud

Enabling customer insights & experiences at scale

Today Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics impact everything we do. As a marketer getting customer insights is critical, ​to​ make the right marketing decisions and build the right customer experiences. Meaningful insights can be found when you can establish more connections between all the customer data points that you collect across customer touchpoints and then using that insight to create personalized and delightful, but seamless experiences for the customer. Join us for this workshop where we will deep-dive into how data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence from Google Cloud can accelerate your execution time from insight to building the customer experiences that drive engagement and buying preference.

Lakshmanan (Lux) Narayan


Hit the bottle. Rather, cut it

This is a BYOB event. "Bring Your Own Bottle", that is. Save your beer bottle from the night before. Better still, convince the bartender to give you an empty circular bottle (sorry, Old Monk fans). We'll help you cut and sandpaper it into a glass, lampshade or a bangle. Really, anything you can think of. And then pick Arzan Khambatta's brain for ideas on how to paint and decorate it to make it your own. Hosted by: Arzan & Lux.

Satya Raghavan


Shh ! I am making a YouTube Video

Would you like to become the next YouTube Star ? You can start your quest right here at Stream. On 1st March (Thu) 3 YouTube Creators will mentor you to create a video that is the mother-of-all-videos. We kick off in the morning with a gyaan session that will equip you with a few fundamental tips & tricks. You then have the rest of the day to make a video with your team (you will be put into groups during the kick-off). You then have the rest of your life to become a YouTube star. Riches and Fame, here you come.

Marcus Herrmann


How to engage responsibly with kids in the digital space

Kids are vulnerable and believe things easily. Various codes of advertising protect kids in western markets. COPPA, GDPR and soon the Chinese equivalent govern data collection and privacy of children. Are we as marketeers conscious of their implications? Are we engaging responsibly with kids?

Akancha Srivastava


Never Lose The Child In You

I want to take you back to your childhood. This will be an engaging session where participants are the key presenters. Let me hand hold you to a time which was without fear to do anything new. Promise you it will be fun!

Indranil Chakraborty


Build rapport. Don't just share credentials.

While almost everyone at Stream is in the business of storytelling, we are usually in the business of storytelling for the companies and brands we work on However, when talking about ourselves we jettison the story and use a boring mini-resume. In this workshop I will introduce people to the concept of personal storytelling and then help them try their hand at one kind of story - connection stories. They leave with a technique and a skill. After all, as someone once said "The shortest distance between two people is a story"

Raksha Kumar

Multimedia Journalist

Writing Poetry

I think the cliche - everyone has a poet in them - is pretty accurate. Let's find out?

Chetan Mahajan

Himalayan Writing Retreat

Omit needless words

The simplest words are the most powerful. There's a reason Churchill said “We shall fight on the beaches” instead of “we shall offer armed resistance on the sandy national perimeter.” Yet most of us write stuffy, verbose English. It starts in school, where our teachers put a premium on the use of long words and sentences. The corporate world reinforces such writing. This workshop offers three things. 1. How to recognize stuffiness in your writing, 2. A tool that helps you de-clutter and clean your writing. 3. You learn by doing. Hands on. Participants, please bring a recent piece of your writing.


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