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Time for our budding Sanjeev Kapoor and Nigellas of the high-tech industry to strut their stuff at the grill, the wok or the cocktail shaker.

Sign up to cook at Stream in Jaipur's best late night party and impress everyone with your culinary genius. If you have a great recipe for a midnight snack or want to show off your family's age-old treat, this is the activity for you. How to get involved:

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Karthik Nagarajan


The Swadesi Bar

This republic day (fine, two weeks after!), we are celebrating our Independence from European Imperialism inside our bars. Presenting a bunch of Indian cocktails you don't have to twist your tongues to pronounce, so that they can be free to taste! - Rum Panna - Sharabi Lassi - High Rasam - Karuvepilai (Curry leaves) Mojito & - Ginger Mingler

Kapil Arora


The Monk is calling

Everything Monk! Carrumba - A caffeine n rum shot spiced with secret herbs. Paired with Da Rum Bombs - Apricots and Prunes soaked in the Monk and dipped in liquid chocolate! Apoorva and Kapil

Tushar Vyas


Roti ki Sabzi - Confusion over Roti or Sabzi !

Kathiawar ( Gujarat) style Rotli nu shak ( Roti ki Sabzi). The conundrum continues whether it's Roti or Sabzi !

Kishan Kumar M S


Kappa puzhukku, ullitheeyal & mulaku chutta chammanthi

Ever tried mashed tapioca garnished with grated coconut and mustard seeds accompanied by shallot curry? And yes, smoked red chilly paste to give that ultimate kick?

Rohit Raj

The Glitch

Twisted Tacos & Tequila

A taco inspired from the spicy corners of South India, loaded with gongoora and other spices you cant pronounce. Oh and some yummy tequila cocktails to go with it.

David Abraham

Duracell Middle East DMCC

Blue Cheese Mutton Burger

A delicious twist on your conventional burger, made with ground mutton burger patties and a whole lot of other goodies. A must have favourite for any BBQ.

Insia Lacewalla


Rajasthan inspired

A modern take on the traditional Rajasthani kachori.

Kunal Jeswani

Ogilvy India

Malwani Mutton, Fried Potato and Mint Tarts

Crispy tart shells stuffed with spicy, succulent, slow cooked Malwani Mutton. Garnished with fried potatoes, sour cream and fresh mint.

Baldeep Singh


Surmai Burgers with Honey Glazed Pineapple

Grilling juicy King Mackerel burgers over coal, served with spicy sriracha mayo and bbq sautéed onions garnished with a slice of honey glazed pineapple!


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