Alongside discussions we run a series of hands on workshops, from drawing class, to weaving. All workshops are suggested and run by attendees. Sign up below to add an idea for a workshop - either something you would like to TEACH - or something you would like to LEARN. All ideas welcome and basic equipment can be provided.

Sharmin Ali


Optimising emotions in your content using AI

Why is it that some of us have thousands of followers on our blogs and others only in tens? Because they fail to engage with their audiences/readers emotionally. Attend this workshop to understand how technology can help add EMOTIONS to your content.

Amit Ojha

Instagram Stories School

IG Story School is an interactive, hands-on funshop where the idea is to get familiar and play around with different IG story tools. 'Students' of the School will get to make their own IG Stories in real time, master cool hacks and leave the session as the coolest C-Level graduates in town.

Ajay Kesava Das Balasankaran


Bring your drawings to life.

I am sure All of us have played with toys in our childhood, Some are memorable but most of them end up in some corner. Would you not like a toy that brings your drawings to life. As a child i always wanted to have a magic pencil , like the shakalaka boom boom pencil of the 90's that brings your drawings to life , that is exactly what i am going present in this workshop , so welcome and give a Midas touch to your drawings , bring them to life.

Lakshmanan (Lux) Narayan

Yes, and...Improv

Seen Improv Comedy before? "Whose line is it anyway" perhaps? Or maybe in episode 5 of Comicstaan? Never seen it before? Well, here's your chance to actually make it happen. We'll kick off with some improv warmup games and build it up to try our hand at a couple of fun ones - like the ones you'd see at an Improv performance. All you need for this introduction to Improv comedy is to land up and say yes, and... (Note: anyone who has done Improv before is welcome to pitch in with helping out. Just ping me)

Ayaz Basrai

The Busride Design

Building your Own Oracle

All Futures are Possible. Some are Probable. A few are Preferable. We will use tools like speculative design, storytelling and focused futures research to create lived-in, detailed and nuanced mind-maps. These Future scenarios are then inhabited by each one of you, and through creating a hypothetical newspaper for July 12th 2035, we will take a shot at predicting our own Future!

Ashish Vidyarthi

What it Looks Like - words, communication, invite to life...

The words we use in our day to day life , string together to form our communication pattern with others - and also with our own self. Indeed, words do create the blueprint, to the way we think about life and ends up creating our reality! So, what are those repetitive words and patterns that I use. What am I inviting through them and what am I unconsciously blocking? What would it look like - to bring about a conscious awareness and shift in my words and communication ? Can this actually create a fresh invitation for others to engage with me and for me to engage with life itself ? Join in to explore this possibility in an interesting play-way method.

Ayush Chauhan


Design Thinking Demystified!

Tired of the endless jargon around design thinking? Here’s a workshop that walks you through its simple tenets by picking up an everyday experience and re-imagining it. Understand the power of stories, sift the cause from the symptom, and build the creative confidence to express your ideas. This workshop distills the essentials of design thinking, equipping you to call the bluff when you see one! ;)

Pete Beeney

Battle of the DJs - Humans versus Machines

Who will win the battle for musical supremacy? The Stream DJ will teach a group the finer art of DJing using traditional equipment, while the team from Spotify will show another group the ropes using AI DJing App, Pacemaker. The top students will face off in the ultimate struggle between human and machine. Who will come out on top?

Vasuta Agarwal

Codifying human bias using machine learning

Homo sapiens is a seemingly irrational species that mostly appears to think and behave in nonsensical ways. A veritable laundry list of cognitive biases cause us to engage in distorted, imprecise and incomplete thinking. Deconstruct the impact of human bias in decisions and actions in your daily lives by going through the rigor of building your own machine learning algorithm. And, yes, you do not need to code a single line. All you have to do is join the herd!

Roohneet Kaur

"I am Remarkable" - A women only workshop by Google

"Did you know that globally only 36% women are represented in leadership and that number in India is an abysmal 14%. 'I am remarkable' is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond, thereby breaking modesty norms and glass ceilings. We aim for all participants to leave the workshop more sensitive to the difficulties and supportive of others' self promotion efforts regardless of sex, gender and ethnicity. For more information check out -


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