Unlike traditional media conferences, there are no keynotes and PPTX presentations at Stream. Instead, we focus on small working groups of 1h that allow you to share your expertise, and test new, or provocative ideas in an intimate setting.

Similar to a collage campus, Stream is set up with 7-8 ‘classroom’ spaces, all outside, in a variety of tee-pees, and in the garden terraces. Each classroom has seating for 30 guests, a flipchart and pens, and a small clock to keep time.

The agenda for the two days is decided onsite – when guests add their ideas to the schedule, on two huge white boards (Discussions boards) at the venue, known as the Big Boards. At any time 7-8 sessions can run concurrently, along with 1-2 workshop sessions. 

Next steps. We encourage guests to share their ideas for sessions in advance, so that we can help group similar ideas together, and ensure we have good coverage of all the big topics. Suggesting a discussion topic doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Instead, good discussions favour a punchy question, debate and willingness to hear many points of view. To add an idea, please click “Log in to submit your idea” below. 

Additionally, please note that despite submitting a topic online, you will have time to rethink as the final topic submission is done at the event in the form of a write-up on our Discussions boards . 

If you'd like to talk an idea through before posting, or would like help finding some co-hosts, let us know.

Aditya Swamy


The Agency of the Future

Data and Technology are changing The Work, The Workforce and The Workplace. What are agencies doing/need to do to stay ahead of this to be truly future ready

Roohneet Kaur


Is your Agency Future Ready? by Aditya Swamy (Google)

  What are the critical capabilities that the existing agency ecosystem lacks? Can simple changes across the work,workforce & workplace transform the client-agency relationship? What role do the CMOs play in redefining the norms?  Join Aditya Swamy (Director - Agency Partnerships and Create with Google) as we uncover how incremental actions at 5 different levels can transform your agency into 'The Agency of the Future'

Varun Duggirala


Being better conversationalists: How can we have better conversations?

We spend so much time in our lives having ( or rather trying) to have conversations!! But what makes a truly engaging conversation and how do we stop getting stuck on “the weather”, “the traffic” or god forbid “ what’s up these days?”

Anant Rangaswami


Where do the rich have their hair cut?

Answer this and you get some interesting brick-and-mortar business ideas.

Avinash Jhangiani

Play2Transform Group

Play2Transform - How Play and Design Thinking can shift mindset and accelerate transformation

How do we untap our inner child for disruptive creativity? How 'thinking with your hands' can build empathy and enable co-creation? How Play can invigorate your soul and accelerate change in the most fun and rewarding way? Why building empathy and developing a growth mindset are imperative to staying relevant beyond 2020?

Insia Lacewalla


What is the "Happiness Quotient?"

Getting that dream job, working around the clock, steady growth, achieving goals - what defines happiness for you and your team? As leaders and entrepreneurs, building a happy environment at work that focusses on mental well-being is becoming as important as putting together an A-team.

Varun Duggirala


Podcasts & Brands: from first date to long term relationship

Podcasts are the here to stay and growing. But brands are still Figuring out how to best engage with this format. So what will it take for this to go from the first date to a long term relationship

Babita Baruah

GTB India

SheHour: The One Hour for women at work

SheHour is an hour where women at work can drop their designations and inhibitions and inspire, share, learn together. Leads to confidence and productivity. But more importantly, It provides a unique opportunity for women to connect for an hour, as women.

Narendra Kumar


The perception of art / beauty in 2040

The last 5 years of the last decade has never been like a time before . Given the rise of AI / ML / social media/ deep fakes etc ,how will the perception of art or beauty evolve.

Anant Rangaswami


For the big digital ideas, the answers are analog.

There is no such thing as a digital idea. Any idea has to address real problems that exist in society. That’s why some BIG ideas that work elsewhere fail in India. Can we find ideas that work only in India? Because the problem is an Indian one?

Manisha Lath Gupta


Can Marketers save the planet?

Our planet is dying, and a big contributor is reckless consumption. The linear process of our use & throw economy, is beginning to raise its ugly head all around us. From air pollution, to garbage dumps, to contaminated food, and depleting water. In such a world, how should marketers play their role ethically, and responsibly? Can we reinvent our roles, choose categories & jobs responsibly, and be a part of the effort to save our beautiful planet?

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