7pm Cooking Madness

Stream USA 2017 - 7pm Cooking Madness
Join the Stream family and cook with us

For those new to Stream (or in need of a reminder), here's how it works: Stream is a conference that relies on you, our carefully selected participants, to run the discussions and activities.  7pm Cooking Madness is one of the most popular activities… we cook together, eat together… and award prizes. Here’s how you can take part:

Option 1 – BE A CHEF

We have space for 20 participants - so sign up asap.  You will be asked to make enough of your dish to serve 20 tasting/tapas portions, which the other Streamers will sample.  
The hotel will be contributing too - so we suggest you make appetizers, side dishes or puddings - but feel free to bring your main course brilliance too if that is what you do best. To be a chef, all you have to do is:

#1 Decide what to cook
Crusty Charred Prime Steak with Compound Herb Butter? Drunken fish tacos? Green Eggs & Ham? Authentic Chicken Ginger Curry from Lahore? You tell us! Add your idea BELOW

#2 Send us your ingredients list
Keep the ingredients relatively simple… When thinking of recipes please think about what can be found in a grocery store in Ojai, USA, although you are welcome to bring "special" ingredients if you like. Let us know your ingredients here.

Option 2 - BE A SOUS-CHEF
Zero preparation in advance required. Join one of our expert chefs as sous-chef, head of marketing or competitive hustling to join the madness. We’ll need expert cocktail makers, salad-tossers and BBQ-pokers. Email jax@be-good.co.uk to sign up in advance, or join-in onsite.


Do you think of yourself as something of a foodie? Join our all-star judges in tasting all the chef’s tables, debating the merits of meat-free and declare an ultimate winner. Again, no preparation required, except scrupulous good taste, and bravery.

Option 4 - COME EAT WITH US - open for all! The feast begins at 7pm Thursday 16th.
Any questions? Let us know, jax@be-good.co.uk   

Bon Appétit!

James Bromley

Bourne Leisure

English Yorkshire Puddings (savoury - the name is kinda confusing)

Since 1737 English people have been making Yorkshire Puddings - we're going to add a little more flavour and turn these puppies into individual snacks.

Yolanda Lam


Dumplings for everyone!

Learn to make delicious pork gyozas ...it is easy and fun!

Nick Clark

The Partners

Veggie chilli magic

A warming chilli for chilly evenings. Ideal for under-poncho consumption.

Shenan Reed


Texas Chocolate Chewies (Cookies)

A spicey chocolate cookie

Dr Susan Dorfman


Beef Stroganoff

Off the boat, straight from the Ukraine, beef stroganoff with noodles

Jax Newton Taylor


Bahamian cheese biscuits

A great canapé with drinks


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