Cooking Madness

WPP STREAM USA 2019; The Great Ojai Cook Off
on Tuesday, 3rd December This is a great way to get involved: join the Stream family and cook with us.

For those new to stream (or in need of a reminder), here's how it works:

Stream is a conference that relies on you, our carefully selected participants, to run the discussions and activities.  The Cook Off is one of the most popular activities, where we cook together, share what we have cooked and dance together.  Here's how you can take part.
We have space for 20/25 participants - so sign up before you get to Ojai to guarantee a spot.  You will be asked to make enough to serve 30 tasting portions which the other Streamers will sample at the Tuesday night supper.  All you need to do is find the time in your Tuesday to make your dish.  Simple and tasty works well.
The hotel will be contributing too - so we suggest you make appetizers, side dishes or puddings - but of course feel free to bring your main course brilliance if that is what you do best.

Option 1 - BE A CHEF and all you have to do now is:
1. Decide what to cook and submit the name of the dish to the Stream USA website: here
2. Send us your ingredient list (the hotel will have this ready for you) here
Option 2 - BE A SOUS CHEF (we can match you to chefs who need your help)
Option 3 - BE A JUDGE (in a fun and I love food kind of way)
Option 4 - BE THE DJ, we will have some music but bring your own - all you have to do is hook up with our soundman before the evening.
Any questions? Or if you want options 2, 3, or 4 Let us know. Email:
Bon appetite!
Your volunteer Stream head chefs: 

Jax NT, Producer of the Cook Off Madness, be-good

Jeff Matisoff


Gougeres (with my co-chef Lisa Gilbert)

Fluffy, cheesy doughy balls of heaven

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