Unlike traditional media conferences, there are no keynotes and PPTX presentations at Stream. Instead, we focus on small working groups of 1h that allow you to share your expertise, and test new, or provocative ideas in an intimate setting.

Similar to a collage campus, Stream is set up with 7-8 ‘classroom’ spaces, all outside, in a variety of tee-pees, and in the garden terraces. Each classroom has seating for 30 guests, a flipchart and pens, and a small clock to keep time.

The agenda for the three-days is decided onsite – when guests add their ideas to the schedule, on two huge white boards, known as the Big Boards. At any time 7-8 sessions can run concurrently, with 1-2 informal sessions on the main-lawn.

Next steps. We encourage guests to share their ideas for sessions in advance, so that we can help group similar ideas together, and ensure we have good coverage of all the big topics. Suggesting a discussion topic doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Instead, good discussions favour a punchy question, debate and willingness to hear many points of view. To add an idea, please click “Log in to submit your idea” below.

If you'd like to talk an idea through before posting, or would like help finding some co-hosts, let us know.


Mike Anderson


It thinks, therefore I am

Technology has shaped what humans can do since the invention of fire, but it has also changed how we view ourselves. When photography was introduced, some feared a photo would steal the soul-- a magical idea that technology can intrinsically alter something so fundamental about us as our soul and place it entirely outside of our own bodies. As technology has gotten more "magical" with the digital revolution, we need to rethink how the extension of our selves through data into the digital realm changes who we are. With today's business models, personal data is now currency. Is whoever owns our data ultimately in control of who we are? Are we giving up the most intrinsic part of who we are-- our identity-- when we participate in the digital and social economy?

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