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"Why do I love Stream? Because people are in jeans and are ready to interact, instead of suits and ties making statements." Esther Dyson, Edventure

"Without doubt the best conference I’ve ever been to. I am raring to get back into the office next week, determined to bring more of this spirit and vision into my business" Charlotte O’Sullivan, Mulberry

“Inspiring scions!” Sophia Amoruso, GirlBoss

“The best event I have been to in an age” Joshua Spanier, Google


“The best conference experience I’ve had in a very long time” Gerhard Louw, Deutsche Telekom

“A highly engaging and stimulating couple of days. For me the biggest achievement is the culture that you manage to create: fearless, intelligent, friendly, high-energy and yet always respectful” Ros King, Lloyds


“I wanted to pass along a message of thanks and deep kudos to Mark and his team for one of the most (if not most) impressive conferences I’ve attended. The quality of discourse was exceptional. Rare to experience a conference of business leaders across industry without a heavy transactional bent or awkward networking. The conversation I shared in was provocative, diverse in its perspective and respectful. And the luminary panels hyper relevant for the times. Pretty stellar all around!” Adar Zango, ICONIQ Capital

“An exhilarating burst of creativity” Cal Austin, Pfizer

“Honestly, it was the most enjoyable, most inspirational and most engaging conference I've ever been too. I don't really even know how to describe it to people. I basically have said it's like attending a company internal conference where you're all part of the same ego's, everyone just wants to help and learn from each other...yet it wasn't a company conference and didn't feel commercially forced. I came away inspired, energised and genuinely feeling like I made new friendships. It truly lived up to the unconference label” Neil Waller, Whalar


“I absolutely loved it.  I think STREAM is one of the differentiators for WPP”
Christopher Curtin, Visa

“Thank you so much for the invitation to Stream, I loved it. I had no idea what to expect and I found being able to sit and listen very helpful for once and I met some unusual and extremely interesting people. I didn’t contribute much publicly as I wanted to understand the crowd and the need but next time, I hope! And thank you again. It was very thoughtfully put together and I appreciated you didn’t expect everyone to sit quietly all day- which some conferences do- there was much built in time for meeting new people” Joanna Coles, Author

“A fantastic event.  Refreshing, Engaging, Differentiated, Collaborative, Current. There was a clear sense of family with the WPP leaders” Dom Joseph, Captify

“A fantastic experience, I was honored to attend” Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Snap

“Fungible, convivial, noctilucent, marvelous gestalt” Miles Ward, Google

“The best conference ever attended” Tim Jenkins, 4Info

“Great people and inspiring content” Stacy Jenkins, Facebook


“An inspiring experience” Judy Jackson, Wunderman

“A socratic Circles for Media Minds” John Duncan, Leafly         

“Relevant, inspiring conversation in a stunning setting” Ben Stuart, Bank of the West

“Great Conversation and Vibes amongst Industry Leaders” Nate Stricker, Pinterest


“I had such a wonderful time. The speakers and the delegates I had the opportunity to connect with have enriched my knowledge and vastly enhanced my professional network in North America” James Davies, HSBC


“truly a unique experience.  I think ‘inspiring’ is the best word to describe it. I’d love to participate again in the future” Andy Yeatman, Moonbug


“For me Stream was a great place to network with your partners and learn more about the latest issues facing the digital media world. 5/5” Peter Lennox, Arcade Beauty


“It was my first and was above and beyond all my expectations- congrats! Inspiring people, ideas and outlook” Sim Blaustein, BDMI Fund


“So many smart people and thoughtful discussion. You put on the best event in the industry!!”
Tomas Gonsorcik, VMLY&R


“Inspirational, horizon-expanding. collaborative, open and entertaining” Pete Beeney, Spotify

“Really, one of the best events I've attended” Arthur Fleischmann, John St.


“Stream was a great trip and well worth it. Thanks so much for the invite and count us (Cadent) in for whatever you do next year” Nick Troiano, Cadent


“You continue to bring together the best, nicest, most insightful people in our industry at a conference that every year delivers on the pulse of the advertising and media and technology world. Always a great to learn not just the pulse of the industry today but where the industry is heading. WOW!”  Eric Kuhn, T-Mobile


“Stream was an amazing event, made great by the people you include and forum for creative discussion” David George, Pixability


“That was a really great few days in Ojai.  I really enjoyed it and had a ton of really engaging conversations with interesting people. It made me proud to be part of the WPP family.  Plus I have a bunch of new business follow ups to pursue.  Seriously thanks for including me.  I want to come every year!” Matthew Lieber, Gimlet Media


“What a great couple of days at STREAM” Chuck Searle, VMLY&R

“Stream overdelivered this year, as usual” Louis Paskalis, Bank of America

“As always, it was full of meaningful interactions” Carl W Rivera, Tictail

“Creative, unrestricted, friendly, inspiring and challenging” Dana Vogel, Novartis

“Industry innovators intimately imparting ideas” Jeremy Hlavacek, IBM Watson

“shockingly not obvious or pretentious” Adar Zango, ICONIQ Capital


“From minute one, I was inspired to involve and immerse myself in discussions and activities - I taught tennis lessons and judged the cook-off, among other things. Incredibly appreciative of this opportunity and I left feeling more motivated and confident than ever before! It was Genuine, Bonding, Lasting, Inspiring, FUN” Todd Goldberg, Omnivert


“Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing time in Ojai. It was my first one state-side and loved it, as did our clients (they’re still bombarding us with follow-ups, which is what it’s all about)” Adam Gerhart, Mindshare


“Thank you all for an amazing Stream experience again this year. It was inspiring”

Karen Kwata, IBM


“Incredible venue and event. I can't say we have ever been to anything like it. The structure and flow whereby attendees design and deliver the content is unique and somehow works very well” Sean Mullins, Salesforce


“Stream was great. Creative, innovative, educational, collaborative, exciting”

Tim Smith, The Trade Desk


“Thank you! The best conference experience I’ve had in a very long time!”

Gerhard Louw, Deutsche Telekom


“Another fabulous Stream. Where else do you get a rocket man, ex-Prime Minister and the commissioner of Love Island on the same agenda. In all seriousness, it was another inspirational, educational and productive few days and we appreciate being part of it” Jacqueline O'Sullivan, Oath


“Thanks once again to your and your fabulous team for an incredible Stream.  As last year, I had a blast and met a whole host of incredible people.  It's a testament to what you have established that I spent very little time with all the great people I met last year, connecting and engaging with a whole new group.  It's a growing network.  It feels like a real tipping point moment in the industry: established practices vs new, old vs young, analogue vs digital, people vs technology.  So great to have all those areas represented and discussing the issues of our time together.  As much as it is a difficult time for the industry it is also an exciting one, and a Mark Read led WPP should emerge a better company out the other side for it's people, clients and investors”

Tom Adeyoola, Metail


“I really can’t thank you enough for a fantastic few days at Stream. I felt an immense pride to be a part of the business as I witnessed what a spectacle it can produce. (As a result Mark’s message on Stream standing for what WPP as a holding co will aspire to represent really resonated). I couldn’t have wished for a better start to my new role; from ideas those more experienced were willing to share, a fantastic group eager to meet and discuss the possibilities, and loads of inspiration / energy.”

Alastair Ferrans, WaveMaker


“1. THANK YOU …. I had high hopes for Stream but these were surpassed by the last 2 days …. A truly terrific event, fantastic concept, and I leave having been provoked, disrupted and immersed 2. WELL DONE … the event felt flexible but well structured, everything about it was adult to adult (different to most conferences), and oh how slick you guys are in the delivery. Kudos. Real kudos. I had a chance to speak to Mark Read and told him the same. We also have a follow up which is good. 3.  RETURN … I don’t know how it works but I want to come back next year” Paul Szumilewicz, HSBC


“I have been to countless film festivals, conferences, workshops, art fairs and summits over the years in many countries, and I have to say what you have built and curated is very special. The vibe, mix of people and general philosophy and environment made for some real break throughs and light bulb moments for me personally. Would love to come back if you’ll have me” Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock, We are Pi


“Interactive, curious, probing, egalitarian and menschlich! Was a fantastic, stimulating time! Thanks for all the organisation, you made it look easy” Kari Jackson, MediaCom


“A fantastic throng of thrilling people” Tom Adeyoola, Metail

“Fantastically fun learning opportunity” Ruth Zohrer, Mindshare

“Warm, dynamic, democratic, fun and stimulating” Olya Kuryskchuk, 1 Granary

“Unique gathering of incredible people” Leila Sibaey, Qatar Foundation

“Superb opportunity for creative thinking” Tony Moulsdale, MCG

“Wonderful random encounters and discussions” Vala Magnavottir, IKEA

“Stimulating, friendly, playful, open and useful” Alex Bellos, Author


“What a fantastic weekend - thank you so much for the invite and opportunity to attend. Felt very welcome and made the most of such a well-engineered guest list/ schedule  – left with loads of ideas, potential partnerships and connections” Jonny Kanagasooriam, BBC


“Inspiring” Katja Petry, Dumont Group

“Extremely insightful and thought provoking” Andy Parnis, Finsbury

“Awesome, inspiring, fun and thought provoking” Alain Groenendale, Grey

“Best ever conference I ever had! Excellent networking” Monika Szkva, Nestle


“You take off your magic Stream Lanyard, and Clark Kent back into the general populace…” A C Hawksworth


“as I’m waiting at the airport for the flight home I wanted to say what I great time I had over the last few days. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I think I came to Stream thinking it would be really good for business connections. While I’ve certainly met people who will be useful for that side of things, I feel that over the past few days I really discovered myself. I think I’m leaving Stream as a better founder, better boss, and most of all I really hope a better husband” Benjamin Cohen, Pink News


“Authentic, enlightening, inspiring and fun!” Tim Corden, Here Technologies

“Mind expanding awesome event, you move the needle” Nicholas Rouse, SAP

“Inspirational, collaborational, fun, professional and relevant” Lili Ermezei, Mirum

“Perfect! An unforgettable inspiring professional experience” Aki Koskinen, Fortnum


“Inspiring” Melissa D”Arienzo, LinkedIn

“Probably the most inspiring event I’ve ever been to” Janos Gulyas, Wavemaker

“Inspiring, collaborative and bloody fun” Andrew Jarvis, Click Mechanic

“Very unique and a great experience” Jeff Powers, Nestle

“Summer camp for awesome people” Tipatat Chennavasin, The VR Fund

“Engaging, inspiring and insightful” Nikolaos, The Cato Bot Company

“Absolutely amazing and inspiring” Marta Swannie, Superunion

“Another awesome Stream!” Pete Beeney, Spotify

“A fabulous few days” Louise Ainsworth, Kantar

“Mind racing, life-affirming ratatouille of ideas” Bernadine Brocker, Vastari


“Unparalleled creativity and networking for real enlightenment”

Meghan Van Someren, JWT


“another brilliant, inspiring and fun-filled weekend. I had a great time and am hugely grateful that I was invited. The vibe you created was perfect” Alex Bellos, Author


“Inspiring, open, innovative, community AND self-determination. Keep on rocking!”

Frank-Michael Schmidt, Commarco


“An amazing experience, thank you for the inspiration, positive energy, care and hospitality” Drahomiva Jurikovey, Erste Bank


“Energising, stimulating, thought-provoking and friendly”

Loraine Heggessey, The Royal Foundation


“Stream totally exceeded my expectations. The spirit of Stream is unique”

Arif Samaletdin, Mirum


“Thank you for the wonderful stream I just had. It was my first time, and found everything brilliantly well thought” Camille Yvinec, Superunion


“A great experience and  unique insight for me into the advertising and marketing world” Kate Hofman, GrowUp Urban Farms


“A truly amazing Stream Experience. I was very impressed and had a fantastic time. I loved the format of the event, met so many inspiring people, had great discussions, and much of fun. It's hard to find words to describe it as it's really quite unique”

Félicie Roger, Google


“Thank you so much for another wonderful Stream! Met so many amazing people, had so many incredible chats, and I've now gotten home feeling broken but elated! Massive hugs and huge respect for another incredible year” Mark Adams, VICE


“The world’s most inspiring un-conference. Seriously, it was amazing. Hands down the best event I’ve ever been to” Joe McGlynn, Wunderman


“Thank you for another fantastic Stream! I had the most amazing time”

Erika Brodnock, Karisma Kids


“A huge thank you for the wonderful Stream weekend! Terrific job pulling it altogether. It was my first and am very grateful to have been invited. Enjoyed every moment of it. You and the team did an amazing job!” Gerard Gretch, Tech Nation


“A huge thank you for all your energy and input into Stream. It was my first and whilst I sit on the tarmac at Athens airport slightly broken physically, I feel energised from all I learnt and all the wonderful people I met!” Nina Jasinski, Ogilvy


“You cannot miss this” Daniel Fisher, Playbuzz

“amazing experience, it was great!!!” Federica Snaidero, WPP Italy


“An awesome event” Tom Salvat, Concured

“Such an amazing experience” Will Linklater, Canon


“Fascinating discussions and inspiring human connections” Elizabeth Heathfield


“What an incredible event made up of incredible people. Thank you to the Stream 2018 organisers, for giving us the space to open our minds to new ideas and fresh thinking. As I leave I have a sense that anything is possible. Stream really was food for the soul” James Wood, The Internet Society


“Inspiring! Let’s keep the Stream spirit alive” Alemsah Ozturk, Grey

“A brilliant, intimate, inspiring event” Andreas Cohen, I-COM Global


“Another epic Stream. Here’s to bringing all those discussions insights and laughs back to the team” Hannah Johnson, BSD


“Coming home inspired and with great ideas” Natalia Romanenko, VMLY&R


“It was an amazing experience. I have hosted lots of Barcamps for more than 10 years, but never had such a special atmosphere. Most of the sessions and individual talks were both super open and challenging. It was like a big therapy session for me!”
Andreas Dittes, Talentwunder

“Stream was an extraordinary and special event and I don’t say either of those things lightly. From the next generation younger speakers who were so talented and inspiring... to realising a personal bucket list moment listening to Steven Pinker speak - it was a highlight for me of Cannes generally”

Paula MacKenzie, MD, KFC UK & Ireland


“Thank you and to WPP for the invite. [It was] concrete, actionable, opening my eyes to innovation. It was really great!! I will surely pencil the US date. I wish it would be open to more people in my organization. Love. It. ” Giusy Buonfantino, CMO, KCC


“Inspiring” Marc Mathieu

“Brilliant” Jill Kelly, GroupM


“Great networking, unique content” Michael Bailey, Google

 “Stream exercises your brain and imagination” Richard Glasson, Hogarth 

 “Everything was fabulous and totally VIP!” Emily Bavaro, Newell 


“Creative transformation stories in conversation” Beth Ann Kaminkow, Geometry

“Wonderful event as always!” Brent Hoberman, Founder, Founders Forum


“Stream gives you the map of a better world” Gökhan MERİÇLİLER, WeWalk

“Inspiring, relaxing, exclusive, lavish and ambitious. The event was excellent”

Erik Lavoie, VICE


“A small note to say a BIG thanks for including me in Stream on Tuesday.  Not only was it an inspiring event it was also a great opportunity to meet several major global prospects, and several clients with growth potential, in a friendly environment. A great leadership initiative for WPP” Hamish Davies, WaveMaker

“The bomb digity... well done as always!”

Christian Juhl, Essence


“Was a fanatic Stream A great curation and sequencing of it all too!”

John Rudaizky, EY


“Stream was amazing...also loved the WPP space on the beach”

Mitchell Kreuch, Twitter


I loved Stream. It inspired me to do some good and I have been talking to Gökhan and Kürşat regarding helping them with advertising WeWalk”
Jenny Kimmerich, WPP


“Vibrant, youthful, disruptive, commercial, coveted” Lisa Hau, WPP

“Mind opening” Patrick Xu, WPP 


“Thanks for the Stream experience. Really enjoyed it. Nice and good people. It’s the most important element of any event - business or social” Rene Rechtman, CEO, Moonbug 


“I’m always amazed how much great connections you make at the event and how much you get out of the presentation as well as what reflections you take away... by the way I am still thinking about some of the talks and how I can help contribute to these bigger questions. I love the format, think it works really well” Sophie Dufouleur, Dyson


“Congrats on another great event. Thank you as always for your leadership and putting together this fantastic event. It’s definitely a highlight of the week”

Shane Atchison, Wunderman Thompson


“As always, brilliantly organised by you and your team. Thanks for having me. Stream was stimulating, open, yummy, convivial, enjoyable!” Ziad Al Qassab, BT


“Unique, Exclusive, Thought Provoking, Educational. Always impressed with the content of each Stream event” Nicolle Pangis, NCC Media


“A huge thank you for inviting me to WPP Stream. It was a fantastic event and highly thought provoking” Pete Cummings, Adobe