The Results


Keith Weed


Jack Haber

"Great ideas brings richer content"

Addy Tan


Joe Pecchia


Anna Xu

"An inspirational event that cuts across industries"

Scott Lyons

"It's a fun, relaxing yet informative gathering of talented people"

Paul Hu

"Inspiring, innovative… best ever event!!"

Steve Tenzer

"Validation that you are not alone - like minded individuals exist!"

Des Viranna

"Top notch event, top contacts"

Duncan Blake

"Inspiring, challenging, networking, new-thinking"

Malena Cutuli

"Great intellectual fodder amongst WPP rockstars"

Lysa Clavenna

"Escapist networking with quality content"

Anna Bateson

"A highly enjoyable day; hot talent equals lively discussion"

Kathryn Strong

"The event was flawlessly run and filled with such incredible talent. Most importantly, i left feeling incredibly inspired and energized."

Keri Carmen

"Very thought provoking"

Simon Tilden

"Connects advertisers to trend‐setters"

Tom Buday

"Good discussion. Lots of fun. Provoking."

Kean Yew Lim

"Fantastic to see such talent and skill set. We need similar forums more often"

Nadeem Amin

"Mind-opening, fun, related, brilliant. Fantastic people."

Anhul Chauhan