The Results


Keith Weed


Jack Haber

"Great ideas brings richer content"

Addy Tan


Joe Pecchia


Anna Xu

"An inspirational event that cuts across industries"

Scott Lyons

"It's a fun, relaxing yet informative gathering of talented people"

Paul Hu

"Inspiring, innovativeā€¦ best ever event!!"

Steve Tenzer

"Validation that you are not alone - like minded individuals exist!"

Des Viranna

"Top notch event, top contacts"

Duncan Blake

"Inspiring, challenging, networking, new-thinking"

Malena Cutuli

"Great intellectual fodder amongst WPP rockstars"

Lysa Clavenna

"Escapist networking with quality content"

Anna Bateson

"A highly enjoyable day; hot talent equals lively discussion"

Kathryn Strong

"The event was flawlessly run and filled with such incredible talent. Most importantly, i left feeling incredibly inspired and energized."

Keri Carmen

"Very thought provoking"

Simon Tilden

"Connects advertisers to trendā€setters"

Tom Buday

"Good discussion. Lots of fun. Provoking."

Kean Yew Lim

"Fantastic to see such talent and skill set. We need similar forums more often"

Nadeem Amin

"Mind-opening, fun, related, brilliant. Fantastic people."

Anhul Chauhan