Health & Wellness

Calling all athletes and fitness enthusiasts! There will be morning runs, yoga, team games and more at Stream. Sign up below to name your sport of choice and we’ll do our best to arrange it onsite.  Or if you are willing to teach/lead a sport we want to know that too.

Rikard Bildsten

Swimming, crossfit or running

Would love to go for some swimming in the ocean if anyone is up for it! I am also in on the other suggestions in this channel like the boot camp on the beach or a morning run - or if there is possibilities for a crossfit WOD.

Bas Ploeg

Morning runs, Mornings swims, and everything with a Racket (tennis/squash)

Love all the above, so happy to join in!

Begona De la Sota

paddle surf and canoing or any fitness activitie

happy to participate in any sport acitvitie

Claire Grinton


If you're looking for an instructor, well, I am NOT your gal. But would happily participate!

Anne Claire Chenu

Morning sports

Running or bootcamp on the beach would be fun

Janos Gulyas

group guided meditation on the beach

happy to share the meditations I use

Janos Gulyas

Ashtanga Yoga

primary series, ain't a pro-instructor but I can help (absolute) beginners :)

Abdulrahman Al Turjuman

Squash anyone? :)

Not sure if they have squash facility and gears available in there...

Cristina Kenz

Water sunset

stand up paddles and canoes

Bart Quinton Smith

Beach cricket

In the UK it has been a summer of cricket with the Cricket World Cup (that England won!) and the Ashes (England v Australia). Some cricket on the beach would be a great way to end the summer.


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