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Stream Europe 2019 has been!

Thank you to everyone who took part and made Stream Europe 2019 possible.

Welcome to Stream Europe, the WPP thought-leadership retreat. 
It’s a 3-day affair: not quite a conference and not exactly a forum; more a series of challenging conversations and mind-expanding experiences.  There will be just 300 of us: CEOs, CMOs and friends, hosted by WPP. Held at a low-key resort in Greece, Stream is designed to liberate us from the day-today constraints of the office and inspire us all to fresh and rejuvenating ideas. 
Previous participants include rocket men, ex-Prime Ministers and the commissioner of Love Island alongside leading European start-ups and a great breadth of companies that include the BBC, BA, Campari, Google, Facebook, Huawei, IKEA, MIT, Palantir, Sky and many more
So you’ll see that Stream is not your typical media conference. There are no key-notes and no PPTX. Instead, the three day agenda includes over one hundred sessions ranging  from ‘reducing economic complexity’ to ‘increasing productivity’, UX, AI, ML, immigration reform, gender rebalance and the future of just about everything. We also cook together, learn (and teach) new hard skills from flying drones to programming. 
Highlights last year included: “HIRE DIFFERENT: how inclusive is your recruitment?”; " Telling Complex Stories: How To Cut Through The Noise When You Want To Talk About Issues That Matter”; “Mental Health at work - are you doing enough for your team?”; “Plastics – how do we kick the habit?”; “Why the hell do only Men ask me for jobs on LinkedIn?”; “Dual Career Couples? How to make it work?”; “Facial Recognition : opportunity AND threat ?”; “
What do borders mean in the 21st century?”; “How to be a Chief Happiness Officer?”; to “It's a great time to be a woman (and why we're seemingly not allowed to say this)” and “Diversity + Progress = profit ?”

This year will be... who knows?... it hasn't happened yet. But by the end, you’ll have painlessly acquired a new network of friends and allies, and most importantly, new ideas on creativity, business and life. 

Stream Europe works because its success depends entirely on those attending - so it’s by invitation only. There’s no cost to attend, full-board for three-nights is included in the invitation. All you’ll need to do is book return flights to Athens.

The dates this year are Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th October, 2019.

To nominate yourself, or someone else to attend Stream, email us.

What they say:

“The best conference experience I’ve had in a very long time” Gerhard Louw, Deutsche Telekom
“A highly engaging and stimulating couple of days. For me the biggest achievement is the culture that you manage to create: fearless, intelligent, friendly, high-energy and yet always respectful” Ros King, Lloyds
"Without doubt the best conference I’ve ever been to. I am raring to get back into the office next week, determined to bring more of this spirit and vision into my business" Charlotte O’Sullivan, Mulberry
"Why do I love Stream? Because people are in jeans and are ready to interact, instead of suits and ties making statements." Esther Dyson, Edventure

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