How to

How do you prepare for Stream?

1. Familiarise yourself with the (un)conference spirit

(Un)conferences are unusual. There is no formal agenda, speeches or PowerPoint presentations. Instead everyone who is invited is expected to get involved. You can read why we started Stream here.

2. Write your 140 character biography

Stream is attended by around 350 people. The fastest way to get to know everyone before you even arrive is to complete your 140 character biography. The FT has great advice on the fine art of penning your own ‘brief bio’ here. Our current favourites include:

  • Recovering journalist, digital strategist, occasional novelist. Hate "content" but love storytelling. Consider Jack Daniels a food group.
  • Digital guy at Coca-Cola, avid reader, fanatic swimmer. I try to be the man my dog thinks I am.
  • I love the potential of the mobile phone in emerging markets. Luckily, this is also what I do.

You can read more and see who else is at the Participants page. The print deadline for the 140 character biographies is [TODO].

3. Suggest a discussion topic

We have over 100 discussions at Stream, and all of them are suggested by you. Each discussion lasts about one hour. To suggest a discussion doesn't mean you have to have the answer, you just need to lead the conversation. Read the current ideas and add your own idea at the Discussions page.

4. See what else you can do at Stream

Discussions are the heart and soul of Stream, but there's also cooking, Ignite talks, sport, health & wellness, gadgets, games and of course the Stream band. Come prepared! You can read more and sign up for the activities here. Act fast! Ignite talks and Midnight Cooking Madness are always popular.