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Stream India 2017 has been! Thank you to everyone who took part and made Stream India 2017 possible.

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Launched in 2014, Stream India is the WPP hosted (un)conference for media and technology leaders in India, designed to celebrate and explore the growth & development of digital innovations in India and the Sub-Continent.
A unique mix of advertising, communications and technology, Stream India brings together 250 leaders from the WPP network of clients and agencies together with  leading brands, start-ups, agencies and media companies in the country, including Airtel, AKQA, CNBC, Colgate, Dell, Google, Unilever, L’Oreal, LinkedIn, Maker Studios, MTV, Nestle, Ogilvy, Sequoia Capital, Sony, Star, Twitter, Universal, ViaCom, Vodafone, GroupM, Flipkart, Tata Consultancy, Revlon, Facebook, MIT, Microsoft, Honda, Nimbuzz and more.
True to the Unconference model, there will no lectures in conference rooms. Alongside Discussions on the future of media and technology there’ll be technology demonstrations, elephant polo, cooking, lightning fast talks on key topics and Q&As with one or two of India’s leading names in the business.
What they say:

“Stream is always an opportunity to get an outside view of the world of advertising. It is inspiring and pushes one to think beyond the ordinary. I always leave Stream with the sense of lots more to be done”
-    Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer (Global), Group M
“Unexpected, Unusual, Awesome and ultimate Un-Conference
-    Mallikaarjuna Konduri, OgilvyOne
"One of the most refreshing and stimulating conferences I have been too!"
-    Edgal Horgan, Facebook