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What would you think of someone who said, “I would like to have a cat, provided it barked”? The common desire to be creative is precisely equivalent because it is not easy to unleash one’s creativity on demand. The thinking techniques that lead to creativity are no less rigid than the biological principles that determine the characteristics of cats.  
Creativity is not an accident, not something genetically determined. It is not a result of some easily learned magic trick or secret, but a consequence of your intention to be creative and your determination to learn and use creative-thinking strategies.  So it's our very own attendees – the Sculptors and Storytellers – in partnership with the WPP CSR Foundation, bringing in their creativity to bridge the learning gaps between you and our next generation learners. 
The Art Karkhana by Arzan Khambata will have the theme ‘aliens’, encouraging you to think outside the box when there is no shape or form guiding us. Arzan is known to push the envelope with simple cutting and joining techniques. 
The Storytelling session by Roshan Abbas will help you explore and tap into the power of your own stories. Many people think that the art of storytelling is something difficult and complex, reserved only for certain skilled members of society. But according to Roshan, the skills necessary to tell a story can be acquired through practice and with the right toolkit.
Let’s see how you and the children bring your inner talents out. Join us for a #throwbackthursday where you relive your school days. 
Please enrol for these engagements at WPP Stream Jaipur on 6th February, 2020 between 11:30am and 1pm (Location to be added).

Shenaz Bapooji

Create a cool ecomm website for your business/ ideas or campaigns

Create your identity online by setting up a webstore for your business idea/ campaigns in no time. Can get this going using the goshopmatic.com platform. Can do a walk through of how easy it is, if people are interested. :)


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