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Stream India Jaipur 2020 is a team effort. If you are invited to come, you are expected to take part. We have elected some leaders, but we need more….

Host of Stream CVL Srinivas
Director of Stream Apoorva Bapna

Directors of Discussions Hemant Mehta, Kapil Arora, Tushar Vyas, Shaziya Khan
Director of Preview Devika Jajoo
Directors of Ignite Varun Duggirala and Sanjana Shirke
Directors of Workshops Rohit Raj and Tushar Vyas
Director of Art Karkhana Arzan Khambatta
Director of Health & Wellness/Sports Anil Nair 
Host of Preview Ranjana Singh and Tripti Lochan
Directors of the Extravaganza Roshan Abbas, Kapil Arora, Gopikaa Davar 
Directors of the Stream Band 
Karthik Nagarajan 
Director of Volunteering Activity Rama Iyer
Directors of Stream Cookout Kunal Jeswani and Manoj Mansukhani 
Director of Registrations Devika Jajoo
Director of Tech Lab Vishesh Sehgal
Director of Filming & Photography Deepak Rao
Director of Events Shruti Sharma 
Director of Logistics Sunil Mehta/Giri Ramasamy
Director of Media Deepshikha Dharmaraj

Stream is (even) better as a Director, email us if you’d like to be part of the team.