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Discussions and Workshops are 1 hour sessions suggested and led by Stream participants. Read on for the latest thinking with topics ranging from "Embracing Messaging" to "Reaching the Unreachable through Media". For more, go to the Stream Medium page and YouTube. Or for a daily dose of Stream, you can find us on Twitter or Instagram.

Haswar Hafid

From words, symbols to pictures, how we communicate changes the way we connect"

An open discussion about the evolution in how we communicate and its implication in our relationship. Are we communicating less to each other or more? Are we more open in sharing things about our lives because picture is becoming a substitute to language? Less personalize because we use emotion and abbreviations? What are the implications of this to our businesses. I am inviting you to share your view and discuss!

Haswar Hafid

Our best radio ads on TV

An open discussion on whether or not we truly keep the discovery mindset and the platform in mind when we crack creativity for News Feed. Can mobile be a place to truly build big ideas and brands beyond tactical executions?

Liana Syah

Digital = Sexy words , much expectation

Lets join the discussion tomorrow! Geeky, Newbie, All are welcome.

Dema Tio

SEX & TECH: What men know about satisfying woman is wrong

Sex is part of human basic needs. Science shows orgasm has many health benefits. Unfortunately more than half women in America didn't attain orgasm even during sex. The statistic is much higher in Asia. We can change that. I will share my experience building a startup for smart vibrator, study about female orgasm and give tips on how we can make a world a better place through sex. ONLY for 21 years old and above

Ella Kieran


Our new website is live... let us know what you think! 👍

Hello Streamers! We have just gone live on the new WPPStream.com site, with new features (you can now like other people's Discussions) as well as faster loading times, and a better navigation. We'd love your thoughts... so please do share any feedback. Thanks, and have a great #StreamID

Dien Tirto Buwono

SholeHOT: Turning Up the HEAT in the Rising Modest Community ft. DIAN PELANGI

Mixing modest and hotness, how to tap into the growth of the most desirable community in Indonesia. With Desy Bachir, Dien Tirto Buwono and Yola Sutjiutomo from AVENU Indonesia.

Tessa Mahendra Tamin

The New Media for Generation Z

Join Andrie Kurniarahman & Tessa Tamin from Unilever Indonesia

Hemant Bakshi

Reaching the Unreachable through Media

Lead by Hemant Bakshi – President Director Unilever Indonesia & Tessa Tamin - Media Manager Unilever Indonesia

Damai Argakasih Lazuardinur

If you’re over 30 years old, you’re no longer relevant. with content creators.

Join me and Aoura Chandra from Famous ID to discuss!

Aimee Gerry


It seems daunting, right? What does it all mean and how will it impact each of us in the advertising industry? Skill-set requirements will change; the role of agencies will change; new technologies will evolve and others will die off the vine. Let’s have a lively discussion to work through it together.

Haswar Hafid

Embracing Messaging

As the world has gone mobile, people now expect communications that are immediate, expressive, and immersive. We will discuss this next shift, what people expect when it comes to brands connecting to them, and what are the implications for marketers.

Eddy Yansen

Neuromarketing - Understanding The Buy Button in Your Customer's Brain

How to combining and predicting consumer behaviour using neuroscience and big data analytics ? I believe all humans are predisposed with a large number of biases and fallacious modes of reasoning, and it takes serious study for anyone to plug these holes in their mind. My discussion focus is to explore neuroscience and neurophysiology methods to understand consumer decision making, including fMRI, EEG and eye-tracking. Love to hear and discuss more about agencies experience with neuroscience for marketing research. Open for people with similar interest to co-host this discussion.

Faustine Tan

Male vs Female founders/leaders; 20ish CEO vs 50ish CEO; Non tech background vs tech background; Corporate attitude vs Startup idealistic

Do we need to be balanced in running businesses to achieve real sustainable business instead just startup with big funding and burning money?

Jerry S Justianto

The Future of Radio is Not Radio

If the radio is as defined as in Google "the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, especially those carrying sound messages," surely it will not be the future of Radio as I know it. Radio along with Web are the only two media that has the same closeness / personal feeling with the consumer, except one becoming the primary media, the other becoming the secondary media. How this change shaping the Radio to play important role in the 'transmedia' strategy.

Dolly Lesmana

Print magz are dead...Sort of... really?

A) Yes absolutely. B) Sort of... If not already, death of print is coming soon. C) Not sure... Because there are still new magazines published. D) No way. There's gotta be a way to still make profit from print. If your answer is: A or B: Proceed to another discussion. C or D: Let's join the discussion. I don't know for sure either but I'm sure we can have a cool discussion.

Amanda Witdarmono

Reading versus Skimming

The excess influx of information from all sources have made us into skimmers, or scrollers, rather than readers. What is the impact of this on human interactions, learning and development, and also media trends?

Calvin Kizana

You love me, you dumped me, you say sorry, yet you want me. The roller coaster ride of startup fundraising.

The 101 startup fundraising sharing and discussion. Building a startup? Are you fundraising now? Join this discussion as I will share my journey in startup fundraising. The fun, the joy, the anxious, the anger, the desperation and the pride are the feelings you will face along the course of fundraising. Expecting the participants to share their thoughts as well.

Didiet Maulana

How to get the Millennials to take action on your brand and spread the brand's marketing content

As being the largest generations in the era, where the buying power will keep growing for the next decades, the Millennials will transform the behaviour of the marketplace in the coming years. How to engage the Millennials? How to get their attention to further share the excitement of the brand? Let's explore this together in the session

Daniel Tumiwa


I don't want, I don't need, but I buy. The magic "buy now" button.

Thinking process of buying to what we know is: I need> I look> I decide > I buy Then it evolved to: I want> I search> I decide> I come> I buy Then it evolved to: I search> I decide> I come> I buy But why are shoppers doing: I don't need> I don't want> I browse > I buy Let's have a chat on this. What's going on? Is this the next big thing? Do we need to have a different approach to this?

Mia Argianti

The rise of online Health industry

Indonesia is a country with large population, people here still have less health care access. This country still have big numbers in maternal mortality rate, infant mortality rate, TB patients, Diabetic, etc. Most of the people still have low education. How we can help and support the government by educating the people through online access from Doctors.

Rizki Suluh Adi

Most brands know about advertising online, but not really that much about selling online

Hear the testimonials from the online grocery guys. HappyFresh, the true regional player in online grocery. Having operated in 5 countries for a full year now, learn some customer insights, and how to transform that customer behaviour from offline into online. Or how to really capture the pure online customers. Gonna be super fun

Peter Shearer

AR and VR are no longer a hype

More devices are being made available to general public at reasonable price. How is technology shaping the current media landscape and its future?

Blake Hellam

Does relationship still matter?

What would Starbucks be without the barista? Four Seasons without the conceirge or wealth managment without the relationship manager? Mobile/digital is driving many things -- but is it driving loyalty? Is it getting all the outcomes we seek? What do the clients think? --- or 'it depends'? Where is the line drawn, and how do we get the right handle on 'the mix'

Kishan Kumar

What is more important to build brands in today’s age?

Managing technology or understanding culture shifts?

Andrew Togatorop

Reach the Unreachable "Kids in Digital"

Tons of rules stamped on this market that makes Kids unreachable..UNTIL NOW. Let's open up our horizon of Kids space. Are kids existing in Digital? active? buying? view? click? and at the end is it worth the penny?

Naru Radhakrishnan

Are we putting mobile first? – Bridging the evolutionary gap between consumers and marketers

Mobile is no longer the ‘next big thing’, its moment has arrived and it is here to stay. Mobile devices have fundamentally changed the marketing landscape to reach and engage with consumers. More so in Asia Pacific where mobile devices have become the dominant screen for the 40% of people who have them. According to Millward Brown’s AdReaction 2014 study, consumers spend approximately 3 hours a day on their smartphones. But in a consumer world dominated by mobile, brands are lagging behind. Winning in mobile needs answers to some fundamental questions:  What role does brands, technologies and advertisers play in the mobile ecosystem?  How do we transform traditional media forms into interactive digital touchpoints through mobile?  What is the tipping point of mobile marketing?  How should we organise ourselves to actively capitalise on the shift to mobile?

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