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Stream is a family-style event known as an “unconference”, which means everyone contributes to the agenda. We’ll run a handful of panel sessions, but the majority of each day will be taken up by one-hour sessions, known as Discussions, suggested and lead by you, the participants. 

Previous topics include: “Impression or Conversion?”; “I'd rather stay home and chill”; “Inclusive everything”; “Is brand experience the new UX?”; “Mining millenials”; “Are we already living in a simulation?” and “Can behavioural sciences make us better creatives?”.
In the mornings and the evenings, we’ll run a variety of social and sporting activities; ranging from cooking dinner together, PPTX Karaoke, Ignite and more. Learn more about Stream Indonesia activities here.

Wednesday, 15 April
10am Arrivals & Registration
12pm Opening & Preview (Ballroom)
3pm Discussions
4pm Discussions
5pm Discussions
6pm Panel Session (Ballroom)
7pm Dinner (Bogey's Terrace) + Midnight Cooking Madness
9pm STREAM Cinema

Thursday, 16 April

7am Health & Wellness
         Breakfast (Bogey's Terrace)
9am Discussions
10am Discussions
11am Panel Session (Ballroom)
12pm Lunch
2pm Panel Session (Ballroom)
3pm Discussions
4pm Discussions
7pm Dinner
8pm Extravaganza + Ignite (Ballroom)
10pm Closing

Friday, 17 April

3am Borobudur Sunrise
6am onwards Breakfast + Departures
7am Health + Wellness