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Stream SXSW 2019 has been !

"One of the world's best technology conferences" WIRED
"WPP's famous creative conference" The Telegraph
“Such a rare mix of enjoyment and direct business value” BUZZFEED
Stream SXSW returns: 1-5pm Saturday 9 March

Stream SXSW brings together 300 leaders and rising stars from across WPP, brands and tech startups to discuss and debate the future of digital. 

Away from the hustle of the streets, Stream SXSW is set up to inspire and connect the most brilliant minds in a relaxed and casual setting - mingling over a glass of drink, pairing provocative thoughts with some southern music.

To join us at Stream SXSW, please complete the nomination form at the link below. We will get in touch and confirm all reservations by 2nd of March.

To nominate yourself for a place, click here.