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The production of Stream Kenya is a team effort. 

Stream Host: Bharat Thakrar
Director of Stream Kenya: Serah Katusia
Stream Project Manager: Maria Truter and Milka Kimani
Director of Discussions: Marion Wanyoike
Director of Exhibitions: Francis Karugah 
Director of Ignite Talks: Francis Karugah
Director of PowerPoint Karaoke: Francis Karugah
Director of Registration: Winnie Kitula
Director of Food and Beverages: Sheila Mwaura
Director of Event Planning: Samantha Wainaina and Winnie Kitula
Director of Logistics and Admin: Winnie Kitula
Director of PR and Social Media: Naomi Mutua
Creative Director: Shameem Muhammad
Oak Room Discussion Manager: Brian Riungu
Blue Room Discussion Manager: Anne ‘Peanut’ Ngatia
Yellow Room Discussion Manager: Eva Nyakianda
Orange Room Discussion Manager: Ryan Majiwa

Stream is (even) better as a Director, email us if you’d like to be part of the team.