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Stream Europe 2018 – Schedule

Stream Europe 2018 will begin at 12.30pm on Thursday 25 October and will finish after breakfast on Sunday 28 October, at the Golden Coast Hotel & Bungalows in Marathons, Greece.

As an “unconference” – there is only a loose schedule of discussion groups and activities.The majority of each day is taken up with Discussion sessions. Each lasting one hour, Discussions are organised and led by participants, around topics of your choice.

With six Discussion sessions happening each day – and as many as ten sessions happening simultaneously – there are nearly a hundred different sessions in total.In addition to the serious content, each day starts with a sports activity and ends with an evening show – all created and presented by you, the participants.

Find out more about what else happens at Stream here.

Thursday 25th October
12-4pm Arrivals, registration & lunch
2-4pm Workshops & drone racing
4pm Welcome drinks
5pm Preview Show
8pm BBQ on the Lawn
9pm Ignite Talks
11pm Stream Cinema

Friday 26th October

7:30-9am Breakfast, Health & Wellness
7.30am Pitch Breakfast
9:30am Discussion slot 1
10:30am Discussion slot 2
11:30am Discussion slot 3
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Discussion slot 4
3pm Discussion slot 5
4pm Discussion slot 6
5pm Sports, activities and demos
7pm Drinks
8pm Dinner
9pm The Extravaganza
11pm Midnight Cooking Madness
11:30pm Stream Cinema

Saturday 27th October

7:30-9am Breakfast, Health & Wellness
9:30am Discussion slot 7
10:30am Discussion slot 8
11:30am Discussion slot 9
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Discussion slot 10
3pm Discussion slot 11
4pm Discussion slot 12
5pm Sports, activities and demos
5:30pm The Pitch Show
8pm Stream Party

Sunday 28th October
From 5am Departures
7:30am Breakfast