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Stream Europe 2018 has been!

Thank you to everyone who took part and made Stream Europe 2018 possible.

25-28 October, 2018, Athens, Greece

Welcome to Stream Europe, the WPP network of creative, marketing and technology leaders. For three-days in October, we convene a small group of CEOs, CMOs, friends and partners of WPP for debate the future of communications, creativity and business.
There are no keynote speeches -- no PowerPoint presentations -- no boredom. Instead, we bring together a network of start-up CEOs and rising stars within WPP to marketers, VCs, social entrepreneurs, brand leaders from every industry, publishers, academics, film-makers and media types.
We simply ask that all invitees come prepared to share -- whether that be insights, predictions, jokes or a bottle or two of wine -- to learn, new skills and new ways of thinking -- and to meet a variety of leaders and rising stars. It’s democratic, at times anarchic and everything your standard "speeches followed by drinks and networking" conference is not.
Typical guests include Airbnb, Aston Martin, Avon, BuzzFeed, British Airways, BlackRock, Chanel, Coca-Cola, Cision, Cheddar, Danone, Diageo, Dell, Diageo, Facebook, F1, Google, GSK, HSBC, Lego, IBM, Inmobi, News Corp, Mic., Microsoft, Pinterest, P&G, Pepsi,, Revlon, Refinery29, Samsung, Shell, Snap Inc, Unilever, Under Armour, VICE, Vox Media, Vodafone and WIRED among others.
Highlights last year included: “Can blockchain save the media?”; "Why should we have a universal living wage - NOW!” “How do you advertise to robots?”; “What next for coffee shops?”; “Corporate venturing… labs, accelerators, incubators. Why does none of it work for me?”; “Tax Breaks for data?”; “Are we seeing a Tech-lash and should we be worried?”; “Should we teach robots how to lie?”; “Everyone shouts, everyone lies: media literacy in a distracted world”; “Stop the rot, how to attract better and brighter people into Public Service”; to “How to work with social influencers, and not get sued!” and “Chatbots, is it just lipstick, or a transformative operation?”
This year will be... who knows?... it hasn't happened yet. But we do know the result, everyone present will leave Stream Europe with the very best access and insights to inform the future development of all our businesses.
Stream Europe works because its success depends entirely on those attending - so it’s by invitation only. There’s no cost to attend, full-board for three-nights is included in the invitation. All you’ll need to do is book return flights to Athens.
The dates this year are Thursday 25th to Saturday 28th October, 2018.
To nominate yourself, or someone else to attend Stream, email us.
What they say
“A parenthesis to step back and get a glimpse of the global picture”
Domitille Doat, Danone
“Better ideas, wrapped up in bigger stories, told by brilliant people”
Jonathan Mildenhall, Airbnb
"Meeting a large group of people that are passionate, smart, and enjoy what they do, is inspirational. It recharges the batteries. Makes me want to go find more of them. I can be pretty introverted so being in a large group of people like that, and knowing absolutely no one, was quite intimidating for me. However, wherever I sat, folks were incredibly kind and welcoming. Frankly, by the second day I made a conscious effort not to go to a lot of the digital education discussions. Found the "off topic" discussions to be very rewarding. I’m big on connecting dots that are either farther away or don’t appear to be related, Stream introduced me to a lot of new dots." Douglas Brian Macdonald, Qatar Airways
"Stream is an eye opener for me. This is the real world and once you work in the corporate world, it's easy to lose touch, even interest... and end up being somewhat self-centered. Stream is a refreshing interlude, in a formatted year of reviews and meetings. No agenda! Free flowing discussions! Stuff that has nothing to do with my job or my industry - that is what's inspiring. I wouldn't want to endure three days of marketing or FMCGs. I want three days of random thoughts, unusual encounters and great vibe" Eric Jumbert, Colgate
"Why do I love Stream? Because people are in jeans and are ready to interact, instead of suits and ties making statements." Esther Dyson, Edventure

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