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About Stream Africa 2016

07-10 December 2016, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Launched in 2014, Stream Africa is the WPP hosted (un)conference for media and technology leaders in Africa. Stream Africa was the first meeting of its kind in the region, drawing together 200 leaders from the media and technology industries for three days of discussion and debate on the future of digital and the digital nature of the future.

Guests now come from over 20 markets, representing the leading brands, start-ups, agencies and media companies in the region, including: Coca-Cola, Dell, Google, Ebay, Invenfin, IBM, Ogilvy, Pearson, Paramount, PNP, Uber, Twitter, Saicom, Ushahidi, Woolworths, GroupM, Shoprite, Smollan, Unilever, Vodacom, Facebook, Media24, Times Media, MTN, Multichoice and more. The reviews of Stream Africa are unanimous:
"Stream Africa was one of the most exceptional events I have ever attended. The organisation, the events, the people, the diversity of the agenda, the networking and the spirit with which people engaged made it a special gathering. The learnings and the connections I made created a memorable event... World class in every respect and it was just what we needed here in Africa." Nick Terry, TMarc
"Superb intersection of creativity and intellect" Mike Wronski, Fuseware
"Can’t really find the words to describe how amazing this unConference was, but can confirm what everyone else has said about it: unique, different, insightful and so much fun." Arturo Franco, Infusive

We are delighted to announce the return of Stream Africa, which will take place on 7-10 December 2016 at the Spier Wine Farm, Stellenbosch, SA. This ground-breaking technology event will bring together 200 industry leaders from media, brand and technology companies across the region for three days of discussion and debate on the future of digital and the digital nature of the future.
Given the vast amount and pace of technology innovation happening on the African continent, we are thrilled to create one of the only opportunities in Africa for discussion, collaboration and networking within the technology community.
Attendance is by invitation only, and typical guests include CEOs and rising stars from brands, WPP agencies and partners from across the industry, including start-ups, VCs, social entrepreneurs, publishers, academics and media companies.