You have been invited to Stream because you are a leader, or game-changer in your field…. And we want to hear your thoughts (not ours).  Crowd-sourcing determines the content of the event, which begins with an empty whiteboard to be filled by you, the attendees, with ideas for Discussions. Everyone, including you, is expected to participate and contribute.

So, what is a Discussion?

A Discussion is a 1-hour long discussion group on a topic proposed by a participant of Stream. Typically, each group will have between 20-30 people, and will be hosted in one of our class-room spaces around the hotel, ranging from tents in the gardens, to indoor spaces with basic AV.

Suggesting a discussion topic doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Instead, good discussions favour a punchy question, debate and willingness to hear many points of view. Previous topics include: “Artificial Intelligence: will it overwhelm us?”; “The future of news for millennials”; “Crowdfunding: how the little guy wins”; “Are we becoming illiterate?”; “What I discovered living inside Instagram”; “Seven reasons mobile is king in Africa”; “Are wearables a scam?”; and “Can there be a future without ads?”

OK got it. So how do I add my idea for a Discussion to the agenda?

You can create a New Discussion by clicking on the orange ‘Submit Your Idea’ button below. You’re aiming for a short, sharp, teaser as a title, and then 3-4 lines to explain what you’ll cover in the Discussion. You can see examples below, or here.

If it’s your first time at Stream, and you’re hesitating, don’t. 80% of everyone at Stream has never been to an “unconference” before, so you’re in good company. The event is designed to get you out of your comfort zone. If you’d like test out an idea before posting it, let us know.

How do I schedule a time for my Discussion?

When you arrive at the hotel, we’ll register you, and show you to the Big Boards, two massive white-boards, that look a bit like a blank school timetable. You’ll be able to add your idea to a 1-hour slot on the boards at 3.30pm on Wednesday. Later that day, we’ll give you the opportunity to “pitch” your idea to the whole group as part of the Preview Show.

Any questions?

Let us know! We are open to ALL ideas, and can help you plan a Discussion outline, feedback on an idea, or prepare any materials you might want. Just get in touch here.

Gideon Lichfield

How to advertise to aliens

Advertising appeals to the most basic human instincts. What would the most basic alien instincts be? I'll give a quick rundown of what little the budding science of exobiology (and my own even more budding speculation) can tell us about what intelligent alien species might be like to kick off a brainstorming session about how we might convince an alien to buy something, which in turn will lay bare some of our most basic assumptions about humans.

Kevan Aspoas

Are prediction models totally flawed?

The demand for increased speed of insight information is being demanded by consumers, news services, business, etc. The present models used to predict consumer sentiment seems to prefer to recommend information that is 'liked' or 'preferred' by those in control, thus we get the view point that we wish for. Examples: 1. UK Elections. 2. BREXIT. 3. USA Elections. On the above we got the call the morning after. When applying it to business models we don't get that morning after call. SO HOW FAR OUT ARE OUR BUSINESS PREDICTIONS?

Paula Hulley

Body of the future

Advertising and digital bodies & bureaus - here to help? What are the benefits and support we need in an industry that changes at the speed of culture.

Benjamin Schoderer

Are digital media agencies pushing brands into digital media too quickly?

A recent Ebiquity article suggests that brands are moving digital media spend from traditional (mainly TV) to digital too quickly driven by media agencies who earn higher commissions and margins on (less regulated) digital media buys. This results in inefficiencies and brands not seeing the results they are looking for (in environments they do not fully understand). Is the digital media spend % of total media actually be used? How do brands get it right and spend according to their distinct objectives?

Svetlana Polikarpova

Cashless economy

we know that africa is a mobile first economy. mobile payments like M-pesa, pesa-link are dominant mode of daily money transactions. I've experienced it myself when i could run with no cash for weeks and been perfectly fine. I wonder if africa (kenya specifically) will be the first economy that is completely cashless?

George Golding

In an increasingly automated world, how can society function effectively?

Artificial intelligence and increasing automation is going to decimate middle class jobs, worsening inequality and risking significant political upheaval, Stephen Hawking has warned. The profits will flow to the few companies that own the software. Our moral choices on who and what we use and consume will direct the future of our society. Can we come up with social models that can benefit humanity. Elon Musk suggested a universal basic income for everyone. I think there are better ideas out there...

Will Green

Busy Executive Business & Life Hacks for a Better & Happier You in 2017

"Travel a lot to Lagos?" Use this service to make life easier. "Struggle to exercise when traveling?" Do this in your hotel room for 5 minutes. "Miss your family while traveling on business?" Schedule Video Chat Suppers and don't miss out again. Come share (and learn) from what has worked for like-minded 'busy' executives like yourself.

Mamaa Duker

WPP, Brand Union

Do we really know what Africa needs next?

I believe the most successful future businesses to come out of the continent will not, contrary to popular belief, be those that "innovate" or "disrupt" by copying the blueprint of famous tech businesses in the western world, but ones that effectively anticipate future needs and satisfy them by creating entirely new experiences in niche spaces they can monopolise. Beyond that, the ones that will really stand the test of time are those that are able to build strong and powerful brands. In Africa, the onus is on the agency to help companies identify such a space. How can we ensure that we are helping new businesses create durable brands that identify and monopolise such a niche?

Ankush Chawla

How brands can reach out to bloggers/influencers to promote their brand, products or services ?

Should brand approach bloggers to try their products or services and get a bit of trusted recommendation out to their readership. Alternatively, letting them take centre stage by leading the conversation and engagement with the company acting more as a facilitator. Should they be paid or given an experience to talk about the brand?

Lea Esterhuizen

How do brands manage reputational risk? Shoot the messenger?

Here we are in South Africa’s winelands. The wine sector has found its way into the headlines recently. Let’s hear the story…can we rewrite it?

Erik Hersman

Is a walled garden better than no garden and do the poor really care?

The open internet is how the internet should be. Is that a luxurious statement to made by people who can already afford it?

Christian Doyen

IIRD- Is it really disruptive?

Are the products/services we are launching into the market really disruptive? How do we cater to non consumption or market segments that have been shut out ? Keen to discuss what you are doing!

Toby Shapshak

Will real news survive in the post-truth world?

The news business is facing multiple challenges on multiple fronts. As the younger generation goes digital, they're just not reading newspapers. Online the news industrhas other threats, from the distractions of social media to visual clickbait like Snapchat. Fake news might have influenced the US elections, as the post-truth reality sets in. Meanwhile, digital marketing budgets are being decimated by Google and Facebook What's next for the news industry in the distracted age?

Howard Sackstein

WTF - the world has gone mad!

Trump in America Brexit in England Duterte in Philippines Zuma in South Africa WTF - where did this all go wrong? Has the world gone mad or is this the revolution of the mainstream? What's the next big surprise awaiting us?

Will Green

Dad 3.0 - Future-Proof Parenting.

In a world of future abundance driven by technology and science. How can you be the best parent (and grandparent) for your children and childrens children? All Welcome ;)

Gilan Gork

Automated Sales Funnels: What is the future of online influence?

My Facebook timeline is becoming increasingly full of 'lead generation offers' (Offer something for free, have the person opt in to receive it, then after delivering the free value move on to marketing a deal). This is typically all automated. Will people eventually become 'offer blind' (I just made that term up), and if so, what can we do about it?

Will Green

Your Ideas to Execute in 2017 - More Action Less Talk

This open discussion is for you to share what you most excited about in 2017. A project, client, cause, personal pledge. What we can learn from you? How can we help you achieve it? Report back in Dec 2017...

Gilan Gork

Will Self-Driving Cars Make the Best Moral Decisions?

How will self-driving cars make moral decisions when complex scenarios play out? We're familiar with the classic 'Trolley Thought Experiment'. But how does this apply to cars that might need to decide which is the 'best' of two bad outcomes, and then initiate an action that would cause the car's desired outcome?

Caroline Halton

Collaborative responsibility as a new slant to social responsibility

Corporate South Africa has been accused of 'inertia' in responding to the tertiary education crisis. Do we need to re-examine the role of business in addressing real social and economic issues? Does the old model of individualistic corporate social responsibility need an overhaul in favour of a more collaborative movement for change? What are the barriers and what platforms are needed to better mobilise corporate resources around pressing themes in South Africa?

Ben Wagner

Will there ever be a future world without technology?

Is there a future point in mankind, where we tear down the wall or do we simply become the matrix in its entirety? Or do we build personal technology blockers that define our parameters for engagement?

Wesley Kirinya

Using video games to understand a demographics’ psychology

Video games are interactive. Different people make different decisions to achieve the same goal. Even a slight approach to solving a problem can say a lot about a player especially when it's a pattern among multiple players. The interactive behavior creates interesting signals, which can give deeper information about the audience. How can this be harnessed to help brands understand their audience? Does demographic information really matter or is it a psychological profile that really matters? Are video games the key to discovering this psychological profile? Can this be used to evolve marketing campaigns to keep up with behavioral/psychological trends in particular demographics? Nuff questions, lets share some answers in 5 days.

Andy Gilder

I'm totally bored of social. Anyone else?

As digital marketers we're not just the early adopters of new social platforms, but also the people who spend both office and 'leisure' time feverishly learning new skills while we curate multiple feeds. It means we're often "over" just about every platform before others, but stick around cause that's where our friends hang out. Are digital marketing people destined to be bored by the places their friends are happy to hang out online, or are we the canaries in the coal mine? I don't think social media is a fad, but what happens to social if the novelty starts to wear off for the masses?

Andre de Wet

Is Black Mirror a hint of what the future is going to bring

Black Mirror is a British television anthology series created by Charlie Brooker that features speculative fiction with dark and satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies. Watch the series (Netflix or other). Let's have a discussion about possible futures and the massive effect the Black Mirror (mobile phone) in your hand has and will have on our lives. How much info are we sharing and how much freedom are we giving away? What does your phone and social media know about you? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Mirror

Aidan Baigrie

Social, Display, Search, Programmatic...it's all Bullshit.

Digital, Social, Mobile, iVideo, Display, Programmatic, Search... Are these all not just a way of serving an ad through a mobile device? Why did we stop naming media logically when digital happened? and is there a logical way we can classify media that will stop this almost comical fragmentation (and resulting confusion) of how we talk about it. My hypothesis is that naming mediums logically around the consumers journey will fundamentally shift how brands allocate spend.

Chris Rawlinson

Why we all need to trust strangers in order to survive

In this sharing economy world where nobody owns anything anymore we increasingly trust strangers in order to thrive and survive (think AirBnB, Uber, Kickstarter, TaskRabbit, BlaBlaCar etc). How will this impact societies? could this help bring us all closer together? What does this mean for products and services?....lets chat.

Chris Rawlinson

Why AR and not VR is obviously the way forward!

These are two technologies that will inevitably underpin a large part of our future world....but which is better, where will it take us and why should we care.

Brian Millar

Adventures in Extreme Consumerland

I'll be sharing some of my adventures and get you thinking about the Extreme Consumers who could help shape your - and your clients’ Next Big Thing.

Joe Okleberry

There are lots of innovative technologies on the horizon...

(VR, AI, Blockchain, IOT, etc.), But which ones are most/least relevant in an African context?

Craig Rodney

Virtual Reality sex: Challenging our definition of cheating

Your partner walks in and catches you with your VR headset on and your pants down. Is it just a bit of "me time" or are you cheating?

Benjamin Schoderer

I am a digital marketer and need career advice

Career advice is easy for traditional marketers - "Learn about Digital" they say. "Understand integration" they say. And the digital people are crucial to that education process and develop skills, particularly in the African context. But what should the digital guys develop towards? What skills do they need to build? Do they need to learn traditional to be able to deliver full integration? What will digital job profiles in 10 years look like (Media, Ad Agency, Brand etc.) and how to we make sure we get ourselves and the rest of the industry there starting today?

Dale Carolin

Should media censorship not be a moral obligation to society?

South African society is continually bombarded with negative 'shock factor' news stories. Should the media not have a moral obligation to society to deliver news in a more responsible way? Surely the collective affect on all of us is profound and perhaps constructive, positive news could create a very different collective backdrop to the way we interact.

Nkemdilim Uwaje Begho

How African brands can be pushed to embrace digital media to go pan African / global

Day in and day out I see amazing African brands with amazing products, but extremely poor digital marketing channels. How can we push these brands to embrace digital media and go Pan-African / global. How do we put Africa on the map?

Armin Wieland

Digital Transformation - what does it mean for Namibia's largest private Group of Companies?

"Digital Transformation" is one of the 2016 buzzwords thrown around in boardrooms and either scare or excite the C-Suite. The Ohlthaver & List Group, Namibia's largest private Group of Companies, recently embarked on a Digital Transformation journey. What are the challenges experienced thus far? How do you apply Digital Transformation models that were mostly created for mature businesses in developing countries? Join this discussion if you would like to find out more on the practical implications of Digital Transformation.

Pierre Cassuto

Are elections bad for democracy? What could be Democracy 2.0?

Post Brexit, post-Trump, with high risk elections coming up in France and elsewhere, with an uncharted and likely post-ANC future looming in South Africa, is it still alright to decide the fate of a country – or of an entire continent– by the single swing of the blunt axe that is the ballot box, wielded by mostly disenchanted and poorly informed (and now often misinformed through the proliferation of fake news) citizens? What could be Democracy 2.0?

Nancy Lockett

Return on Investment (ROI)

I find the term Return on Investment (ROI) loosely thrown around especially in the marketing fraternity with little science / data sources supporting it.. So how can one accurately report and measure the effectiveness of campaigning, eventing, sponsorships and (or) mix of traditional marketing activities using different data sources that have true meaning and provide value for stakeholders?

Andrew Human

Is there such a thing as absolute morality?

Is right and wrong inherent in our nature, or is it something that reflects the evolution of our society? We don’t have the death penalty, we have a democracy and a constitution that affirms the values of human dignity, equality and freedom – but only 20 odd years ago this was all very different. It’s seems then that our morality shifts over time. The question for us is what role, if any, do we as advertisers play in not only reinforcing values, but setting the standards for the future?

Andrew Human

Let’s finally put market research where it belongs…

The day before the US elections, the New York Times predicted with an 80% probability that Clinton would win the election. Less than 8 hours after vote counting began, that prediction was reversed. The New York Times employed the best market research available in the most developed economy in the world, with data from almost 2 years of campaigning. Why were they so wrong?

Matthew Barnes

The power of 0.5%

Advertising can effect extraordinary behaviour change for commercial benefit. But what about for the benefit of humanity? To encourage the human behaviours we need to live better and to treat each other with a little more respect and dignity. What if our collective creative abilities were combined with the power of prime-time media to sell good behaviour? What if 0.5% of global client's media spend was pooled for this purpose. So that unbranded messages for good could be broadcast, printed, promoted and pushed with the same power as those with a call-to-action and a price.

Templar Wales

When will WPP merge with EY?

In the 80's agency lunches went on all day. Since then margins have been squeezed and squeezed. Now, while clients are giving them less and less pocket money, their lunch is being picked at by everyone from independent specialists to global consultancies. Deloitte, Accenture, EY and McKinsey typically hunt at the high end of the food chain but one by one they're inching down the value chain into execution. Will the ad networks be bringing peanut butter sarmies from home for lunch in 5 years?

Mike Middleton

Immortality and automation. How will we survive?

As life expectancy exponentially increases and computers take over human employment, what will people do?

Melissa Graham-Tsaperas

Is Disney the best content marketing Brand of all time? How content marketing becomes customer service.

When talking about content marketing, we often focus on digital storytelling. Yet in reality, content marketing SHOULD extend far beyond online stories. If you want to provide your target market with the content they need to believe in and engage with, your brand will have to extend into each area that the audience may experience it in. This means extending your brand to every touch point, every path, every step of the way. Disney does this. Disney’s content marketing ranges far beyond the visitor experience, which makes its content even more remarkable. Can any Brand realistically act as Disney does? Is content marketing more about customer service, and is this the hook that keeps them coming back?

Manuel Koser

How to retain -talented- staff?

If you think Rhino poaching is bad.... Wait until you get to know this industry's poaching tactics :) The digital media & marketing industry in SA (and generally outside of SA as well) has one big bottleneck: companies are only as good as the talented staff they manage to hold on to. Looking forward to a constructive discussion around how to attract and retain staff in this industry. Any suggestions are welcome

Karabo Songo

Intrapreneurship & Value Add within Agencies!

Are we really adding real value or merely doing the expected? In An Age of Vast Diversity & Access to Information, Should We Not Be Driving More Agency Stakeholders to drive the innovation funnel more than ever in order to find new value adding solutions.

Lana Strydom

The future of sin - an AI world

What are the ethical implications surrounding AI? What are the frameworks we need to start constructing? Who will be responsible for implementing and controlling the frameworks? How will we manage potential power abuse?

Simon Marland

What is BIG data?

Allow me to share the exciting world of BIG data with you

Arthur Goldstuck

Are we marketing to a myth?

Our research indicates that the millennial is a myth, yet the "segment" attracts massive marketing energy. Is it time to ditch generational theory?

Danielle Laity

Does VR have a practical application in business?

We've been running a few experiments around how VR could be applied in financial services. I'd like to hear if anybody has any success stories or ideas for its application beyond gaming and entertainment.

Craig Rodney

Do our children have a right to online privacy?

The combination of parental pride and social media has led many parents to over-share the lives and achievements of their children. Does our desire to share our children's brilliance with the world trump their right to privacy? Do we have the right to create an online persona for our children without their permission and without either of us knowing the future impact?

Yudhvir Ranchod

Did Donald Trump just create our next cultural icon?

If you're been living under a rock for the last few months, I've got bad news...Trump is the new leader of the free world! Feeling faint? Me too. If Trump does follow through on many of his racist, bigoted, narrow-minded views of the world, then can we look forward to a generation of musicians rebelling against the regime? In the context of hip-hop music, groups such as N.W.A and Run DMC often spoke for the unheard and morphed themselves into cultural icons. Don't believe me? Ask a 15-year-old what headphones they want for Christmas. I bet it's a pair of Beats, started by hip hop mogul Dr. Dre, and original member of N.W.A.

Denzil Nightingale

Thanks to technology, people are more connected and yet more alienated: Will social media eventually implode?

Humanity has a desire for connection, community and ultimately for the authentic, however our virtual lives often contradict this. Will social media pass muster ?

Eric Osiakwan

The KINGS of Africa's Digital Economy

I have come up with Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa (KINGS) as the countries leading the digital economy in Africa and would like to subject this to a discussion to see what others make of it. http://qz.com/744284/africas-kings-countries-will-drive-the-continents-tech-industry-growth/ is an article I published on same for background reading. I would really welcome disagreements and varied opinions on this.

Francois du Preez

Crowd Sourcing Media Exposure

The media landscape has changed dramatically and there are some clever (sneaky) ways of getting traction without having to spend your entire marketing budget on media. How do we use social media to get us into the mainstream?

Ben Evans

The consequences of a fully AI enabled world

I flip between terror and wonder - how will a mature AI world change life? Enhancement or Apocalypse?

Kyle Findlay

The rise of propaganda and partisanship in the South African media landscape

The South African news media landscape is fracturing. It's no longer controlled by a bunch of (white) liberal journalists or finger-wagging Apartheid acolytes. Instead, we have different media houses catering to different agendas. With Naspers, Primedia, Independent Media/Sekunjalo, the Gupta media empire and Hlaudi Motsoeneng's SABC, we now get to choose whose narrative we listen to, and those in power get to use the media to push their agenda. What are the implications for our country? Are we heading towards a future where there is no objective narrative for all South Africans to depart from in our social discourse? Will we end up with a media landscape like in the USA with Fox, Breitbart, MSNBC, CNN, etc. all catering to different ideologies? Let's discuss.

Kyle Findlay

Why do we do such a poor job of celebrating our rich musical legacy in South Africa (and Africa)

We have hundreds of forgotten bands and musicians in our country's back catalogue. Much of it can only be found in second hand bins. Where are the classic rock, jazz and funk radio stations? Why will my kids know the words to a Beatles song before a Hawk or Harari song? This irks me. Let's discuss.

Nivi Sharma

EdTech: too many devices, not enough solutions

How do we move from devices to solutions to solutions that work in schools? Teachers do NOT want to use technology in classrooms, we need to build solutions that they find impossible to do without.

Antonio Separovic

Financial Inclusion

What is the best and fastest route to reaching full financial inclusion across the continent and financial connectivity globally?

Andrew Walmsley

Facial recognition - Invasion of privacy or marketing Utopia

With the technology strides that have been made in in facial recognition - consumers can be tracked and advertising can be customized in real-time. How can agencies make use of this "Minority Report" like functionality in the most innovative way without scaring consumers. Click "heart" if you would like a live demo of the technology?

Chris Worrell

Building brands in emerging economies

Having worked with a few brands across the continent i'm always struck by how much they look to developed economies for the 'rules of brand building'. Should brands in emerging economies rip up the rule book?

Courtney Boyd Myers

Why Seaweed is the Next Superfood

There are over 10,000 species of seaweeds -- and most of them are edible. They are packed with more vitamins, minerals, and proteins than most land-based plants. Just one seaweed farm the size of Washington State could feed our world every day! And seaweed is a highly regenerative ocean crop that requires no fresh water and no land to grow. Plus, while it's being grown, it's simultaneously restoring the health of our oceans. For these reasons and many more, seaweed is the next superfood for both our bodies and our planet!

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