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Stream Africa 2017 has been!

Thank you to everyone who took part and made the Stream Africa possible.

Keep up to date by following @WPPStream or get in touch if you want to hear more about next year’s event.

We’re delighted to announce Stream Africa 2017!

Stream Africa 2017 will take place from 29th November 2017 to 1st December 2017 in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Known as one of the world's leading technology events, Stream uniquely brings together 300 brands and technology companies from across the region for three days of debate on digital future.

Typical guests include CEOs and rising stars from global brands, WPP agencies and partners from across the industry, including start-ups, VCs, social entrepreneurs, publishers, academics and media companies.

Over the three days, there will be over one hundred Discussion sessions, Ignite talks (15 slides in 15 seconds), a pitch show, a gadget show, a tech lab, digital art, cooking, sport, film screenings and more.

Attendance is by invitation only.