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Stream Africa 2017 is a team effort. If you are invited to come, you are expected to take part. We have elected some leaders, but we need more….

Director of Stream Africa
Paul Manson, Tamarrah Achari and Michelle Steenberg
Director of DiscussionsPete Case
Director of the PitchDevon Tighe
Host of the Pitch
Juliana Rotich
Directors of the Tech LabDale Imerman
Director of Social MediaEewoudt Cloete
Director of BandwidthDale Imerman
Director of IgniteJeanine Ferreira
Host of Preview Mike Stopforth
Director of PreviewJuliet Mey
Director of ExtravaganzaMike Stopforth
Director of PowerPoint Karaoke Mel Attree
Director of Filming & PhotographyMarcel Swanepoel and Renico van Wyk
Director of Health & WellnessNic Ray
Director of Midnight Cooking MadnessLerato Tshabalala
Director of RegistrationMagnette and Tamarrah Achari
Director of DJsCould you do this?  
Directors of the Stream BandChristian Doyen
Director of WorkshopsDale Imerman

Stream is (even) better as a Director, email us if you’d like to be part of the team.