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About Stream Asia 2017

Stream Asia has been!  

Thank you to everyone who took part and made Stream Asia 2017 possible.

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Hosted by Scott Spirit, Chief Digital Officer, WPP and High-Tech Investor Yossi Vardi, Stream Asia is attended by just 300 CEOs and rising stars from the media and technology industries, brands and WPP agencies, mainly but not exclusively from Asia. You can see who typically comes here.

Discussion highlights from last year include: "A Skynet for Creative?"; "Are Global Clients really "All that" in Asia?"; "The Artificial Consumer"; "Hail Programmatic? Death of Premium Media?"; "How Could Luxury Brands Keep Performance In Socialized China"; "Who Should Pay for the News?" and "Why oh why, Gen Y?".
You can expect these and a hundred more Discussion topics at Stream. The result is that you should leave Stream inspired and armed with new thinking, new ideas and new friends. You can read more on the format here. See who else is coming here. Browse what other people say about Stream here.