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Stream Asia 2018 has been!

28 February to Saturday 3 March in Jaipur, India.

For those of you who haven’t been to Stream Asia before, a word on what to expect. Stream is designed to be the antidote to the formally programmed conference. We gather together 300 clients, partners, media owners, start-ups, VCs, WPP agencies and beyond, for three days of discussion, debate and reflection on the ideas shaping our businesses. It’s almost like a corporate Vipassana of sorts which helps you detox and open your mind to a world of possibilities.
The themes and the participants are mainly concerned with the nature of creativity, the consequences of technology, the intransigence of cultures – but at least as importantly, anything else that emerges spontaneously when such people meet, think, talk and speculate. It’s as much about the future as the present.
Past participants include Rolls-Royce, Seimens, ITC,P&G, Google, GSK, Unilever, BMW, Alibaba, News Corp, Miaozhen, Facebook, Titan Industries, Pepsi, Nestle, YouKu, Twitter, IDG China, Puma, Samsung, Vodafone,VICE, IBM and HDT Media among others.

WIRED has called it ‘one of the world’s best technology conferences’ though it’s neither a conference nor entirely about technology. By the end, everyone present will be just a little bit clearer about our digital future and what it will mean for communications, for creativity, for business – and even for themselves as people.

Attendance is by invitation only, and requires two full days of your time.

All guests receive three nights’ full board, unless your company has gifting rules, and which case you’re welcome to book direct with the hotel at your own cost.

To apply to attend, speak to your WPP agency, or get in touch here.

"Inspiring" Anna Xu, Rolls Royce China

"Unusual, social, informative, relation building, think tank"
John Williams, BBC Advertising

"Most conferences, I consider it a success if I learn one (truly) new thing and make one inspiring connection. STREAM simply blew away my expectations. Tons of value"
Amy Gibby, Mead Johnson Nutrition

"I have spoken at TED and events all over the world.  This by far was the best event globally today." Richard Webb, StartMesh

"Inspirational" Sophia Guan, National Gallery Singapore
"SAS - Super awesome stream!" Helena Abidin. BMW
"The discussions were outstanding" Sachin Goel, Nestlé

"Thought provoking. I took so much away, great group and so inspired. It's helped me redefine my 2016 strategy with new ideas” Zoe Condon, McDonald's Australia

"I cannot thank you enough for the profound experience last weekend at Stream. As I am sure you've heard many time before and thus why you've iterated it globally, the environment you've created with the un-conference is beyond inspiring, lasting and motivating. The discussions had whether during the day sessions, at mealtime or over drinks are resonating in my mind, and importantly leading to action. It was a beautiful time. I look forward to deepening the relationships made over the weekend and without a doubt heading back to meet with the new friends across Asia very soon. We, SBP, really appreciate the inclusion and support."   
Jules Ferree, Scooter Braun Projects

"Inspiring, not to be missed. A great mix of talent." Angie Hom PP  Hotel Group
"Inspiring, diversified, fun, unconventional, collaborative" Silver Sun, YouKu

"An amazing experience" Lucius Young, Unilever
"Stream is just amazing! Best conference I ever joined” Anna Choi, Siemens
"Stream has been useful to see the challenges and solutions everyone in the region is dealing with. Just having the time away from the office environment and sharing ideas will impact future strategy"  Rene Slota, ME Bank

"Stream has been the best conference I have ever attended hands down. The networking and relevance of discussion was second to none!"
James Borg, Australian Unity

"Fantastic to see such talent and skill set. We need similar forums more often"
Nadeem Amin, Kelloggs

"Stream is the most amazing digital and social meet up of recent times"   
Rafey N. Zuberi, Pepsi- Aljomaih Bottling Plants

"Out of this world. A cocktail of illuminating ideas and points of view"
Timothy Johnson, INTI

"Best APAC Media Watering Hole" Phu Truong, Google
"Inspiring " Robert Lang, Socialbakers
"Pretty damn good" Tony Bell, The Guardian
"Fun, engaging, valuable and informative" Simon Brockman, Twitter