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Stream Asia 2018 will begin at 4pm on Wednesday 28 February and will finish late Friday 2 March, with departures in the morning of Saturday 3 March, 2018.
Stream Asia is a family-style event known as an “unconference”, which means everyone, including you, contributes to the agenda.

The majority of each day will be taken up by one-hour sessions, known as Discussions, suggested and lead by you, the participants. In the mornings and the evenings, we’ll run a variety of social and sporting activities; ranging from cooking dinner together, PPTX Karaoke for the consummate talkers, VR cinema, filmmaking lessons, computer building sessions, drone flying and hiking the local mountains.  Read more about the activities here, or add your idea for a Discussion topic here.

Wed 28 February

12-5pm Arrivals
3-8pm Registration opens
4pm Ladies drinks
4.30pm Discussion boards open
5pm CVL Srinivas & Scott Spirit Welcome
5.30pm Preview Show
6.30pm Ignite Talks
8pm Dinner @ Fairmont
9.30pm Stream Cinema
1am Bar closes

Thursday 1 March
7-9am Breakfast, Sports and Wellness
9.30am-5pm Workshops
9.30am Discussion session 1
10.30am Discussion session 2
11.30am Discussion session 3
12.30pm Lunch
2pm Discussion session 4
3pm Discussion session 5
4pm Discussion session 6
5pm Drinks on the lawn
5.30pm Luminary talk
7pm Fort Dinner
1am Bar closes

Friday 2 March
7-10am Breakfast/Holi Play
10am-5pm Workshops
10am Discussion session 7
11am Discussion session 8
12pm Luminary Talk
1pm Lunch
2pm Discussion session 9
3pm Discussion session 10
4pm Discussion session 11
5pm Drinks on the lawn
6pm Vote of Thanks
6.30pm Extravaganza
8pm Stream Cinema
9pm Cookout Prep
9:30 Dinner @ the Pool Lawns
10pm Stream Band
3.30am Bar closes

Saturday 3 March

7am onwards breakfast
7am onwards departures