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Stream Cannes 2012 Agenda

Part One - 1.30-2.30pm

Arianna Huffington
President & Editor in Chief
The Huffington Post Media Group

Using Technology to Navigate the Perils of Technology

Shane Smith
Founder, Vice

Youth in Revolt! Don’t Be Afraid. Young people around the world are rioting, on and offline. Media and brands can do better. We have to

Jon Steinberg
President, Buzzfeed

Social Publishing: Sartre, Le Monde and Petting Puppies

Ross Levinsohn\
(Then) CEO, Yahoo!

The Digital Media Company of Tomorrow

Matt Webb
CEO, Berg

Little Printer: From Pixels to Plastic

Part Two - 3-4pm

Rory Sutherland
ECD & Vice Chairman
OgilvyOne London

The System One Businesses: Religion, Politics and Advertising

Andy Berndt
MD, Google Creative Lab

Rethinking Thinking, When Anything is Possible

Yoni Bloch
CEO Artistree

Interactive Video: Choose Wisely

Jeff Weiner
CEO, LinkedIn

In conversation with Thomas Gensemer, Managing Partner, Blue State Digital

Joel Lewis
Co-founder, Hellicar & Lewis

Systems, feedback loops and you

Part Three - 4.30-5.30pm

Chris Capossela
CMO, Microsoft

In conversation with David Sable, CEO, Y&R

Paul Adams
Global Head of Brand Design, Facebook

A new Creative Canvas

Ze Frank
The Ze Frank Show

It's you not me. Participation and the new, new media company

Martin Sorrell

Closing thoughts