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Stream Cannes 2013 Agenda

Part One - 1.30-2.30pm

David Karp 
CEO, Tumblr

F**k Yeah!: redefining art and media

Tim Armstrong 

New Internet Versus Old Internet: a first-hand look at the velocity of media transformation

Lorraine Twohill
CMO, Google

Curiosity & Creativity: 
the importance of asking "Why?"

George Strompolos 
CEO, Fullscreen

The Changing Face of Video: a new creative class

Part Two - 3-4pm

Emil Michael 
COO, Klout

Snapchat…Yes Snapchat…Will Cause the Next Revolution: social media is changing from merely magnifying world events to actually causing systemic change to global systems

Damian Kimmelman 
CEO, Duedil

On the Internet Everybody Knows You're a Dog: why private company information will be public

Carolyn Everson 
VP Global Marketing, Facebook

The Second Wave of Mobile: how mobile will connect the next 5 billion, and what that means for the world

Andrew Dunnett 
Director, The Vodafone Foundation

The Challenge of Doing Less Better: genius is not innovating, genius is innovating at scale

Alex Tew 

The Billion Dollar Home page

Part Three - 4.30-5.30pm

Nick D'Aloisio 
Founder, Summly

Short and Sweet: general expectation of concise information and immediacy

Joe Rospars 
Co-founder & CEO, Blue State Digital

How to Win Like Obama

Deb Roy 
Chief Media Scientist, Twitter

F=MA for Media: extending Newton's second law to the realm of media

Bill Buxton 
Principal Researcher 
Microsoft Research

What did one device say to the other? Nothing.  It didn’t know it was there.  Here we give voice to the potential that might arise if this changed.

Nassim Taleb 
Author, Black Swan & Antifragile

ANTIFRAGILE: Things that gain from disorder, how to thrive in an uncertain world