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Stream Commerce 2019 will begin at 4pm on Monday February 4th, finishing at 12pm on Wednesday February 6th. Over the course of the two-days, you’ll be able to take part in 30-minute working groups known as “Discussions”. Previous topics include: Cyberleaks and the Fortune 500; Should AI come with a non-human health warning?; Learning to love GDPR; welcome to social identity, China Style; is it better to disrupt, or employ? And tax breaks for data? We have invited you to Stream Commerce, because you are a leader in your field. Over the coming weeks we’ll be in touch for your ideas for Discussions this year. 

Monday February 4th

5pm Welcome drinks with Adobe
6pm Business development dinners

Tuesday February 5th

8.30am Welcome and kickoff
8.50am Mainstage talks
9.55am Break
10.30am Mainstage panels
12pm Lunch
1pm Discussion slot #1
1.35pm Discussion slot #2
2.05pm Discussion slot #3
3.05pm Discussion Slot #4
3.40 Mainstage talks
5pm Ignite talks
6pm Target cocktail hour
7pm Business development dinners

Wednesday February 6th
8.30am Kickoff and mainstage presentations
12pm Closing remarks