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Stream Commerce 2019 has been !

5-6 February in Miami, Florida.

Stream Commerce is not your traditional “retail expo”. Instead of square miles of trade-floor, and sponsored key-notes, we bring together a small group of CEOs, CMOs and commerce experts for a fast-track programme that covers technology, digital, design, insights, media, shopper, and ecommerce.

Hosted by WPP, Stream Commerce is a meeting place for brands, agencies, publishers, technology companies to break day-to-day silos, and see the broad spectrum of players; from Acquia, Adobe, Alibaba, Amazon, Google, Marketo, MICROSOFT, Oracle, Salesforce, Fohr, Aki, June20, Albert, Smart Shelf, Basket, Catalyst, Verve and Sitecore, to Outdoor Voices, All birds and Bonobos. The aim is to enlighten, inspire, and to arm you, our clients and partners, with the very best access and insights to inform the development of all our businesses.

Planned topics include: The rise of giant consumer startups that said no to investor money; hands up if you’re scared of Amazon, all influencers are not created equal, online product reviews, E-Grocery, thinking like a data scientist, the purchase decision, Alexa skills, Brand recall, post purchase moments and more. You too will be invited to share your expertise.

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