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Stream Indonesia 2018 is a team effort. If you are invited to come, you are expected to take part. We have elected some leaders, but we need more….

Director of Stream Indonesia
Nirmala Hapsari & Claudia Anthoinette
Director of Sponsorship
Ami Novriantama & Himanshu Shekhar
Host Ranjana Singh & Axton Salim
Director of DiscussionsB. Ramanathan & Zaheer Travadi
Director of the PitchAnne Ridwan
Directors of the Gadgethon
Larry Asalim
Director of Social MediaAndreas Christiadi
Director of Creative
Thomas Sutton
Director of Stream CinemaYunita Melati & Maneesheel Gautam
Director of BandwidthAdi Kusma
Director of IgniteJesse Bouman
Director of PreviewB. Ramanathan & Zaheer Travadi
Director of ExtravaganzaJesse Bouman
Director of PowerPoint Karaoke Could you do this?
Director of FilmingCould you do this?
Director of PhotographyCould you do this? 
Director of Health & WellnessSumeet Parab
Director of Midnight Cooking MadnessMarianne Admardatine
Director of RegistrationCould you do this? 
Directors of the Stream BandJesse Bouman
Director of the Closing Party
Crisela Cervantes
Desy Bachir & Rohit Padukone

Stream is (even) better as a Director, email us if you’d like to be part of the team.