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Ivan Pereira

Working towards a better future

We all know the symptoms: Rise in violence, health and the market shrinking under our feet. Right now we have over 27 million people in the margins of the economy in Brazil (unemployed, subocuppied and "desalentados") This issue is considered an emergency by the federal government but what can actually be done to rescue these people that are being left behind by society and how technology and emerging startups might be the key to a solution.

aline moda

Game of Data: "Who are you in the Game of Data?"

How are agencies and advertisers preparing to approach the shift in the marketing of data?

Julia Porto

Dismistifying Machine Learning for Marketing: Workshop

Privacy, data and Machine learning: How to navigate the new digital ecosystem? We would like to invite everyone to discuss how brands are using technology to solve Marketing challenges.

Julio Vieitez

Bring your brand to the game!

Gaming is growing fast in Brazil, with some mobile titles already reaching over 20 million monthly users. Additionally, the engagement is very high, specially on time spent and friend referral. Some brands are taking their baby steps on e-Sports, but still few companies leverage on the strength of gaming. There are opportunities on inserting brands into games, tie-in cooperations, e-Sports sponsorships and many other formats that can be explored.

Juliana Gouvea

"Should Big Tech Companies Be Broken Up?"

This subject matter is the new hype in the technology industry — Everybody is asking if it's for the good of society, nation and the industry to break up big tech companies. Will we benefit from stronger enforcement of antitrust law? New policies would foster innovation and consumer choice? Elizabeth Warren proposes breaking up giants like Amazon and Facebook, but ignores the fact that many of the services were used to cost consumers money. Lets talk about that!

Maria Carolina Roselli da Barbosa

#IamRemarkable workshop: celebrate your achievements

Come experience #IamRemarkable, a Google initiative that strives to empower women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond. During this workshop, you will learn the importance of self-promotion in your career and be equipped with tools to develop this skill. Participants will be invited to challenge the social perception around self-promotion. This workshop is open to everyone!

Adriana Carvalho

Unstereotype Alliance -The power of advertising to change norms and culture

The Unstereotype Alliance has the vision of an unstereotyped world. Convened by UN Women, the United Nations entity for Gender Equality, the Alliance brings together partners and seeks to collectively use the advertising industry as a force for good to drive positive change all over the world. Brazil is the first local chapter of the Alliance. WPP and Unilever are 2 of 6 national champions. Join us to learn more.

Anthony Eigier

AI in Healthcare

How can Artificial Intelligence improve Healthcare? What are the impacts of the use of this technology to doctors? When will patients trust algorithms over humans? Should we treat AI differently in areas where no doctors are present?

Fabia Juliasz

Brazil Doesn't Know Brazil

It's possible to know beyond the niche, and learn about the regional diversities of culture, media consumption, difficulties and economic potential and involvement with new communication technologies. What future is being built in this mosaic of so many local specificities?

Jos� Raggio Colagrossi

Data and Politics

How has data influenced governments and political campaigns? A deep dive into how social media monitoring and other databases have completely changed political strategy and communication, with first-hand analysis of João Doria's 2016 and 2018 campaign.

Jacques Meir

Innovation pains: challenges for culture and leadership

Innovation ask for discipline, methods, systems. But these things are strange for the culture. So, what's the role of leadership to ignite the power of innovation inside the company?

Alejandro Zuzenberg

WhatsApp Rules!

WhatsApp is the most relevant digital channel. It is even bigger than the entire Web Browser in users and frequency in Latin America. Yet, most companies have no clue what's possible, what's legal and how to execute. As an official WhatsApp Solution provider and partner, I hope to share concepts, ideas, tools and discuss with everyone who's interested.

Marcio Boruchowski

Education of the future: will your teacher be a Robot? Can your brand participate in it?

As the job market is changing fast, so it is education. What can we expect for the future? There are opportunities for branded content, such as breaking the Guiness World Record of the biggest classroom. How? With technology and a stadium...


Last Mile Commerce

Logistics in the e-commerce value chain plays a key role in meeting users needs within the shortest possible time, a challenge that brands must take on to find ways to reduce consumer journey from the time the user is impacted by media, until the product is delivered.

Jacques Meir

New dimensions of corporate reputation

In the post-customer era, orchestrated networks are created from one moment to another putting companies under pressure and affecting their reputation.

Fernando Teixeira

WTF is MarTech, AdTech and Platforms

Whiteboarding and discussion about how platforms can change the way brands and agencies work to deliver the best customer experience

Rafaella Gobara

how to optimize attribution models?

for real time business (i.e: iFood) it is extremely challenging to understand and optimize the right marketing mix and goals attribution for business overall. how can we solve and leverage that without leaving creativity and test & learning behind?

Cristiano Nobrega

LGPD/GDPR x Data Driven Marketing: threat or treat?

We are in the countdown to LGPD in Brazil, and there is still a lot of ignorance and uncertainty. Is it possible to harmonize Marketing based on personal data, and respect to new regulation?

Felipe (Pipo) Santos

Mobility Ecosystems

What is the future of mobility in large urban centers?

Felipe (Pipo) Santos

What does city traffic say about consumption?

How the consumer's mobility data can help your communication strategy

Ana Julia de Almeida Novaes

Social Responding: how a brand can spread their community with love (and drive away hatred)

How a brand can use their community and fans as content in favor of its brand and in crisis management. Leading the discussion will be myself and Rodrigo Helcer, STILINGUE Inteligencia Artificial

Jeferson Martins

Diversity & Agencies: Where it happens? Who does it? How they do it? What do you have to do with it?

3 leaders of WPP talking about their experience with diversity in their agencies, sharing best practices, failures, and how each of us is responsible to make it happen! Speakers: Eduardo Camargo, CEO dof Mutato I Jef Martins, PR Director of Y&R I Ricardo John, CEO of JWT

Eduardo Vieira

Digital Reputation: how it can make or break you (and your business)

Attention is a currency. We earn it, we spend it, and sometimes we lose it. Why now is the time to invest in digital experiences that matter. Leading the discussion along with Ricardo Cesar, co-CEO of Grupo Ideal, and Saulo Passos, Comms Director of Uber.

Danielle Bibas


What I Iearned from my campaign that drove hatred on-line!

Learnings from a few campaigns that we executed at Avon on-line and that drove very high emotions - positive and negatives from the public. We will talk about what we are planning now for our next campaigns and how brands and companies can be better equipped to deal with the polarisation. Leading the discussion will be myself and Eduardo Camargo - CEO of Mutato.

Beatriz Cioffi

Multiplatform Content and Distribution

How relevant content can be worked in a moment that being in a lot of different platforms (digital or not) looks so important – and difficult at the same time. To be attractive everywhere for as much people as possible: that’s the challenge!

Henri Zylberstajn

Inclusion in the labor market: benefits and barriers

A reflection on the benefits that inclusive coexistence generates for all who engage with it in all areas, including the labor market. What do we need for inclusion to take place in practice?

Rodrigo Helcer

Customer's perceptions though data: a debate on effective use cases

An invite for a practical debate on how we might leverage public/internal data to better understand how our business is being shaped in customer's perceptions.

Rodrigo Helcer

Customer Experience: side A(ffective) vs side B(ots)

What are the challenges, risks and contributions we face with AI on leveraging enterprise customer's experience.

Tiago Stachon

Automate the scale without losing brand value.

How to automate the scale of the sales funnel without losing brand value. Sales, retention and after sales are the same funnel for us. Omnichannel, automation, branding and CRM make this strategy numbers above the market average.

Rodrigo Soriano

Influencer Marketing and Authenticity

How can we improve measurement?

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